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The 2013 Fact Book

Factbook Cover Click here to view the complete 2013 Fact Book [in a single PDF]

More recent enrollment and graduate information may be available at:

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Data Mart

Each of the individual pages can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

College Organization Chart vi
Student Headcount & Enrollment
Fall Semester Headcount at Cabrillo 2
Historic Headcount 3
Headcount, Enrollments, and FTES 4
Attendance Patterns - Locations 5
Headcount History at Watsonville Center 6
Watsonville Center Headcount by Ethnicity 7
Watsonville Center Headcount by Gender 8
Santa Cruz Public High School Graduates at Cabrillo 9
Student Demographics
Headcount by Gender 10
Headcount by Ethnicity 11
Multiple Ethnicities 12
Age by Semester 13
Mean and Median Age of Students 14
Full & Part-Time Students [Updated Feb.13.2014] 15
Educational Background 16
New, Returning and Continuing Students 17
Units Attempted Distance Education 18
International Students 19
Students by Zip Code 20
Students with Disabilities 21
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) 22
Proportion of Students with a Bus Pass 23
Financial Aid - Summary of Grants/Loans 24
Financial Aid Recipients 25
Student Performance
Cabrillo College Trends in Course Placements 26
Cabrillo Assessment of High School Students 27
Cabrillo Assessment Course Placements 28
Enrollment, Success and Completion by Course Level 29
Enrollment, Success and Completion in Career Technical Education 30
Enrollment, Success, and Completion in English  31
Enrollment, Success, and Completion in Math 32
Enrollment, Success, and Completion in Reading & ESL 33
Progress through the Basic Skills Sequence - English 34
Progress through the Basic Skills Sequence - Math 35
Degrees & Certificates by Program [Updated Jan.28.2014] 36
Degrees & Certificates Awarded by Demography 38
Employment Status of Former CTE Students 39
Gain in Earnings for Students Completing CTE Programs 40
Working in the Field of Study 41
Cabrillo College Transfers to CSU and UC 42
Transition to Four-year Colleges and Universities 43
Student Progress and Achievement Rate (SPAR) 44
Faculty and Staff
Job Categories of All Staff Members by Ethnicity and Gender  45
Classified Staff Members by Ethnicity and Gender  46
Faculty by Ethnicity and Age Range 47
Educational Background of Full-time Faculty 48
Facilities and Budget
Apportionment FTES 49
Budget Income Categories  50
District Income 51
Robert Swenson Library - Resources 52
Robert Swenson Library - Circulation 53
Central Coast Small Business Development Center Data 54

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