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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) reports to the College Planning Council (CPC) and serves as an Accreditation Steering Committee. The committee improves program planning and resource allocation processes to support student learning by:

  • Ensuring program planning processes are documented
  • Providing technical assistance to units developing program plans including establishing baseline data, designing measurable outcomes connected to college strategic plans and utilizing findings from evaluation efforts
  • Reviewing and analyzing goals to identify institutional themes to aid the integration of planning and resource allocation efforts
  • Recommending improvements to processes to ensure efficacy in fulfilling the college mission and that the campus meets accreditation standards
  • Communicating trends and findings with the campus community and visiting accreditation teams

Links to Institutional Effectiveness Metrics, Goals, and Initiatives

Cabrillo's Institutional Effectiveness Goals (on Strategic Planning page)

California Community College Chancellor's Office Institutional Effectiveness Indicators

California Community College Chancellor's Office Institutional Effectiveness Division

  • Membership
    Marcy Alancraig, Outcomes Assessment Review Committee Chair, ex-officio
    Lois Christos, Confidential Staff
    Claire Conklin, Classified Staff
    Michelle Donohue, Administrator/Manager
    Eric Lamb, Alternate, Student Senator
    Victoria Lewis, Vice-President, Administrative Services
    Robin McFarland, Faculty/Academic Senate President
    Liber McKee, Student Senator
    Rory O'Brien, Faculty
    Diane Putnam, Accreditation Co-Chair
    Karen Reyes, Administrator/Manager
    Georg Romero, Accreditation Co-Chair
    Becky Sulay, Classified Staff
    Kathie Welch, Vice-President, Instruction, Accreditation Liaison Officer, ex-officio
    Terrence Willett, Director of Planning and Research, IEC Chair, ex-officio

2015-16 IEC Meetings

09-10-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
10-15-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
11-12-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
12-10-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
02-11-2016 Agenda | Minutes Handout
03-10-2016 Agenda | Minutes Handout
04-14-2016 Agenda | Minutes Handout
05-12-2016 Agenda | Minutes Handout

2014-15 IEC Meetings

06-12-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
09-05-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
09-17-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
10-15-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
11-12-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
12-10-2014 Agenda | Minutes Handout
02-12-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
03-12-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout
04-09-2015-cancelled Agenda | Minutes Handout
05-14-2015 Agenda | Minutes Handout 1 2

Excerpt from ACCJC Standard I.B. Improving Institutional Effectiveness

The institution demonstrates a conscious effort to produce and support student learning, measures that learning, assesses how well learning is occurring, and makes changes to improve student learning. The institution also organizes its key processes and allocates its resources to effectively support student learning. The institution demonstrates its effectiveness by providing 1) evidence of the achievement of student learning outcomes and 2) evidence of institution and program performance. The institution uses ongoing and systematic evaluation and planning to refine its key processes and improve student learning.

Resources and Timelines for Governance Evaluation

Participatory Governance Committee Facilitator Survey (pdf)

Participatory Governance Committee Member Survey (pdf)

Task Primary Responsible Party(ies) Time
Review progress on strategic plan goals. Institutional Effectiveness Committee, College Planning Council Annually each spring. Full plan update every 5 years.
Survey primary governance committee members to assess committee and facilitator effectiveness for overall decision making Planning and Research administers survey Spring term every three years (2015, 2018, 2021, etc.)
Evaluate college mission and vision statements via surveys, forums, and task force activities President’s Office, Planning and Research Every three years (2014, 2017, 2020, etc.)
Update Governance Manual¬† President’s Office, College Planning Council Every three years (2014, 2017, 2020, etc.)
Evaluate resource allocation process by analyzing input from participants via request form and committee dialogue  Institutional Effectiveness Committee Late fall after each allocation cycle
Evaluate program review and assessment results and process by analyzing program plan content, input from participants, and committee dialogue Assessment Review Committee, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Administrative Services Council, Administrator Council, Council of Instructional Planning, Instructional Council, Student Services Council Ongoing and annually after each planning cycle; late spring for Instruction and late fall for all other areas



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