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About Evaluating Student Services

Historically, program reviews have been focused more on instructional programs than on student services and many of the measurements, such as WSCH, are not useful for non-WSCH generating programs. In response, an effort was made in 1986 to determine what criteria should be used to assess non-instructional programs and how best to measure them. Aptly titled, "They Said It Couldn't Be Done," this broad-based effort by the Student Services Program Review Project for California community colleges resulted in a two-volume study. Volume I included evaluation designs for 8 student services. Volume II included sample survey instruments.

Although this report is over a decade old, many of the criteria and methods of measurement the project developed continue to be valid and useful and provide today's coordinators and directors with a good foundation and framework upon which to build current assessment and evaluation models. Long out of print, Volume I of the project's final report has been reproduced here so that it is accessible to everyone. You are encouraged to download your own copy and modify it to suit your needs. If you do use the material as the basis for your own review process, please consider sending your revisions to Jing Luan or Harriett Robles so they can make arrangements to share new developments among colleges.

If you have any questions or models to share, please contact Jing Luan or Harriett Robles

Online Report
Student Services Program Review Project "They Said It Couldn't be Done"
Download original Microsoft Word document


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