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Student Success Scorecard Presentations

2015 Student Success Scorecard presentation to Governing Board on May 4, 2015

2014 Student Success Scorecard presentation to Governing Board on May 5, 2014

2013 Student Success Scorecard presentation to Governing Board on October 7, 2013

Local interpretation of the 2013 Student Success Scorecard

How the cohorts are assembled.

The Persistence, the 30-units, and the Completion cohorts are the same group- those with no prior college, who have accumulated 6 units and attempted Math or English within three years of entry. An Overall measure for this group is developed, and then this cohort is split in two, and those who are college-prepared are examined separately from those students who are under-prepared. To be considered prepared, a student's first attempted Math must be Intermediate Algebra (Math-152) and/or English must be transfer-level (ENGL-1A) or higher.

The Remedial English, Remedial Math, ESL, as well as the CTE cohorts are each selected independently, by different criteria.

This short set of slides reviews the Scorecard cohort selection and relates the criteria to Cabrillo courses: Interpreting the Scorecard (Presented at Board of Trustees/College Planning Council study session on May, 6 2013.)

How many students?

Interpreting the Scorecard benefits from knowing how many students are included for each measure. All five pages of the Scorecard are annotated in the following document, The Cabrillo Student Success Scorecard Annotated.


Other interpretive documents will be published here, as available. [Page updated May 9, 2013]


The Chancellor's Office Scorecard site can be reached here: View the Student Success Scorecard for Cabrillo College

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