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Goal A: Student Success

A1: Implement the Student Success Initiative.
A. Implement Student Success and Support Program: Assessment, Orientation and Ed Plans.
B. Implement new enrollment priorities.
C. Analysis of student equity and the achievement gap.
A2: Align pathways from K-12 through Cabrillo and into careers and/or Baccalaureate-granting institutions.
A. Support, host, and lead the activities of the S4C.
B. Maintain and expand articulation Agreements.
A3: Engage students in timely interventions whereby they are encouraged to exercise greater responsibility for their educational success.
A. Maintain guided enrollment services tailored to specific needs.
B. Improve Counseling, Transfer and Enrollment Services space to better serve students.
C. Provide Counselors tools to impose mandates or requirements to assist students in returning to good academic standing.

Goal B: Institutional Effectiveness

B1: Enhance performance by implementing best practices in training and professional development for Cabrillo employees.
A. Support and Expand Staff Development.
B. AUO/SLO Training for Managers, Program Chairs/Deans.
C. Expand Adjunct participation in SLO development and assessment.
B2: Shorten the time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment management strategies
A. Utilize electronic student ed planning data as basis to further develop class schedules and staffing plans.
B. Implement Student Success and Support Program: Assessment, Orientation and Ed Plans.
C. Maintain and expand articulation Agreements.
D. Analyze Learning Communities for student success and sustainability.
B3: Optimize sustainable use of college facillities for students, faculty, staff, and community
A. Revise processes for greater efficiency reduced workload.
B. Reduce carbon emissions. Achieve energy savings.
B4: Cultivate and sustain close connections with the local community.
A. Engage in community outreach.
B. Maintain and expand Foundation's scholarship and grant activities.
C. Support, host, and lead the activities of the S4C.
B5: Evaluate, integrate, and improve planning, resource allocation and other processes critical to institutional effectiveness.
A. Conduct financial planning and budget development as an inclusive process, involving all constituencies.
B. Develop and implement a total cost of ownership model to fully integrate facilities and maintenance planning.
C. Complete the ongoing review of Board Policies and Procedures.
D. The Board will incorporate Accreditation standards into its annual self-evaluation.
E. To meet Accreditation requirements, maintain comprehensive Program Planning in staggered cycles for all departments throughout the college.
F. Strengthen existing SLO/AUO processes for quality assurance.
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