Goal A: Student Success

Objective A1 - Implement the Student Success Initiative

Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B2 - Shorten time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment strategies

Strategy: A1-A and also B2-B

Implement Student Success and Support Program:  Assessment, Orientation and Ed Plans

Project Leader:   Dean of Counseling & Educational Support Services

The Student Success Act implementation has begun. Assessment is working with S4C and high school rep's on providing the broadest options for accepting assessments scores from other sources. This provides additional options for incoming students. The Assessment services have been doing this for the past several years. We will continue to look at the options as the state decides on a common assessment.

Orientation is being addressed via a new, required CG 51 class (0.5 units) for the Running Start cohort from Spring 2013.  We will be looking at different ways to provide orientation (currently all incoming students are required to complete the online orientation) in order to move to a best practice as the Student Success Act unfolds.

We are beginning to look at different ways to provide “abbreviated ed plans”, which will be funded by the Student Success Act  beginning in 2015.  The piloting of the Ed Plan workshops are one way. This will begin summer 2013, with a limited initial student population so we can review and redesign as we go. This will allow us to free up the counseling faculty to work on the soon-to-be-required "comprehensive ed plans" which are the major component of future funding. There are many dialogs occurring across the State on ways to provide these services. We are part of those discussions.


Evaluate for number of students attending workshops, number of orientation and ed plans completed.  Monitor student success indicators for these groups.

Strategy source:  2013 Accreditation Self-Study - Planning Agenda item #4.
4. Identify responsibilities and timeline for implementation of requirements of the Student Success Act, Title 5 and the California Education Code: orientation, assessment, education planning and enrollment priorities. (IIB)