Goal A - Student Success

Objective A1 - Implement the Student Success Initiative

Strategy: A1-C

Analysis of student equity and the achievement gap.

Project Leader:   Vice-President of Student Services & Vice President of Instruction

  1. In Spring 2013, the Council on Instructional planning approved adding additional measures to department level Program Planning Datasets.  Course success and completion outcomes will be disaggregated by students’ under-represented status for each program, as a tool to identify equity and achievement gap issues.  Program Planning Datasets are refreshed each summer, for the prior academic year, and include five-year trend data.  Disaggregated data will be included with the next release, scheduled for late summer 2013.

  1. Examination of the Student Success Scorecard data will continue, with the next phase focused on disaggregation of each of the measures by demographic groups and looking at equity and achievement gap issues.  A formal interaction with the Governing Board on the implications of the Scorecard data (due to occur before March 2014) will include this disaggregation.  The topic will be agendized for sometime in  Fall 2013.  


  1. The California Community College Chancellor's Office is expected to issue new guidelines (in Fall 2013) for colleges’ Student Equity Plans.  As those guidelines become available, the college will begin work on development and implementation of a new Student Equity Plan.