Goal A: Student Success

Objective A2 - Align pathways from K-12 through Cabrillo and into careers and/or Baccalaureate-granting institutions.

Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B2 - Shorten time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment strategies.

Strategy: A2-A and also B4-C

Support, host and lead the activities of the S4C

Project Leader: Executive Director, Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C)

The Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C) operates as a collaboration among educators, employers, civic and community organizations. The goal of S4C is to improve career and college readiness and completion of students in Santa Cruz County.  Strategies include (1) getting students onto a pathway; (2) aligning educational offerings with best practices, curricular sequences, and employer requirements; and (3) measuring what we do, for continuous improvement. Key projects implementing these strategies include:


  1. AB790 Linked Learning (Pathways): S4C was selected in January, 2013 as one of 20 sites in California to pilot a new approach to high school instruction that promises improved college and career readiness.
  2. Countywide Grade-level Events (Pathways): Age-appropriate events are conducted annually to help students find direction for college and career, including High School College and Career Night, the Middle School Summit, and the S4C-Samper 4th Grade Experience.
  3. English and Math Collaboratives (Alignment): Meetings are held among K-12 and college English and Math faculty to align curriculum and transition to Common Core standards.
  4. Counselors and CTE Collaboratives (Alignment): These two groups work on articulation agreements and education plans to improve readiness and completion for county students.
  5. Data Integration (Measurement): All S4C member institutions are uploading and conforming student outcome data through CalPASS, to allow longitudinal reporting on specific initiatives.
  6. S4C Website (Across Strategies):  The S4C website at sccommits.org evolves to incorporate features and functionality defined by Collaboratives and S4C initiatives, including online career exploration and college search, event management, and community outreach.

S4C is funded through a combination of grants and membership fees collected from the participating districts and colleges. The organization operates as a project within Cabrillo’s Career Education and Economic Development division, though no general fund resources are used.