Goal A - Student Success

Objective A2 - Align pathways from K-12 through Cabrillo and into careers and/or Baccalaureate-granting institutions.

Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B2 - Shorten time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment strategies

Strategy: A2-B and also B2-C

Maintain & expand articulation agreements.

Project Leader:   Articulation Director

The Articulation office is responsible for both articulation with 4-year institutions, and, in collaboration with Career Education and Economic Development, for high school articulation agreements.


Articulation at the college level


The office works throughout the year to monitor, update, develop and submit courses for articulation, and to maintain the current agreements and transfer status of our courses.  The recent primary focus for articulation at the college level has been responding the SB 1440-mandated development of Associate Degrees for Transfer, and the parallel common Course Identifier (C-ID) project.  The C-ID numbers achieve community college to community college articulation, in that any CCC with a C-ID number has agreed to accept another CCC’s C-ID numbered course in lieu of their own for purposes of course equivalency and degree completion.  All courses with C-ID numbers are also CSU transferable.  The ADT’s are accepted by CSU’s who have deemed the majors similar to fulfill all lower-division general education requirements, and guarantee students admission into the CSU system and a requirement of only 60 units to complete their Bachelor’s Degree at the university.


As of the end of Spring, 2013, Cabrillo College has 6 ADT’s approved by the CCCCO:

  1. Early Childhood Education AS-T
  2. History AA-T
  3. Kinesiology AA-T
  4. Mathematics AS-T
  5. Psychology AA-T
  6. Sociology AA-T


And another 9 under review at the CCCCO:

  1. Art History AA-T
  2. Business AA-T
  3. Communication AA-T
  4. Criminal Justice AS-T
  5. English AA-T
  6. Music AA-T
  7. Physics AS-T
  8. Political Science AA-T
  9. Theatre Arts AA-T


This takes Cabrillo to their 80% goal of degrees by Fall, 2013.


Cabrillo awarded 6 ADT’s in Spring, of 2012; 20 in Spring, 2013.


We currently have 82 courses with approved C-ID numbers, and another 63 submitted and awaiting review or re-review.        


High School Articulation


Cabrillo College currently has articulation agreements in place with our local high schools for 16 different CTE courses.   Most of these courses are taught in collaboration with the County Office of Education R.O.P. and align with the foundation courses in Cabrillo’s CTE programs.  Examples include, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Digital Media and Introduction to Culinary Arts Basics. The agreements are developed between Cabrillo and the high school faculty to align content and outcomes.  Students are eligible to petition for Cabrillo College credit upon completion of the course with a certain grade and with instructor recommendation.

We also have placement agreements for Mathematics and Foreign Language.

A new agreement in Sports Medicine was established during the 2011-2012 academic year. This course is offered at both Harbor High School and Watsonville High School.


During the 2010-2011 academic year, 443 students were eligible to receive Cabrillo College credit for an articulated course.  Of those students, 281 students were awarded credit.


During the 2011-2012 academic year, 480 students were eligible to receive Cabrillo College credit for an articulated course.  Of those students, we anticipate 300 to be awarded credit.