Goal A - Student Success

Objective A3 - Engage students in timely interventions whereby they are encouraged to exercise greater responsibility for their educational success

Strategy: A3-B

Improve Counseling, Transfer, and Enrollment Services space to better serve students.

Project Leader:   Dean of Counseling and Educational Support Services

As the college begins to implement the Student Success Act requirements, the need for increased efficiencies becomes part of that roll out. The current two entrances to counseling and transfer services create confusion for students and faculty, and result in extra time "searching” for students waiting for appointments/services, etc. The plan is to create a single entrance at the Transfer Center side of the 100 building with check-in windows facing the hallway for smoother student flow. The present counseling check-in entrance will be closed.  This requires relocating four staff members to other locations within the 100 building.  The area where staff are located in the Transfer Center will also be renovated for easier access. This will allow students who are more "low touch" to utilize 10 new computers in a renovated Transfer Center for accessing electronic information, and will free up staff to work one-on-one with those that need more "high touch" attention.

The timeline begins in Spring 2013, with plan finalization, some summer improvements and completion in winter 2014.  Bond funds support the renovation work.  

Strategy source:  2013 Accreditation Self-Study - Planning Agenda item #5.
        5. Conduct analysis and develop a plan to improve counseling/transfer space to better serve students and support the faculty and staff. (IIB)