Goal A - Student Success

Objective A3 - Engage students in timely interventions whereby they are encouraged to exercise greater responsibility for their educational success

Strategy: A3-A

Maintain guided enrollment, services tailored to specific needs.

Project Leader:   Director of Education Centers & Dean of Counseling and Educational Support Services

Status update: Guided enrollment continues to be provided immediately after assessment for students placing into basic skills math or English. Seven guided enrollment sessions have been provided to date for spring 2013 in Aptos, contacting 4 to 5 students per session for a total of 35, and three in Watsonville contacting an average of 10 students per session for a total of 30. Of these contacts, approximately 30% will ultimately enroll in a Learning Community.

Staff from the Learning Communities Center (student interns) and Cabrillo faculty (First Year Experience Coordinator, Basic Skills Initiative Coordinator, ACE faculty and staff) meet with students directly after their assessment to inform them of the different learning community options at Cabrillo. Assessment staff do the initial referral as students are given their scores, and Learning Community staff use a room or table very near or outside the assessment room so that students do not have to seek them out. Interested students have the option of starting the application process immediately for a learning community.

Strategy source: the 2013 Accreditation Self-Study