Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B1 - Enhance performance by implementing best practices in training and professional development for Cabrillo employees.

Strategy: B1-B

AUO/SLO Training for Department Managers, Program Chairs, and Deans

Project Leader:   Vice-President of Instruction

Progress Report: The College has provided training for Program Chairs in Flex workshops offered in fall 2012 and spring 2013.  In addition, the SLO website has been redesigned with a special section for Program Chairs.   The SLO Coordinator will continue working with PCs through flex workshops and individual meetings to provide training.  The SLO Coordinator has met with managers in Administrative Services, Student Services and Instruction to help them write AUOs and design their assessments.  Deans have been trained in the writing of AUOs and assessment is being discussed.   SLO assessment training for the Deans was done spring semester 2013.  

Strategy source:  Recommended in the 2013 Accreditation Self-Study