Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B1 - Enhance performance by implementing best practices in training and professional development for Cabrillo employees.

Strategy:  B1-A

Support and expand staff development

Project Leader:  Cabinet

The Staff Development Committee website contains an archive of flex programs from 2008-present.




Staff Development Planning


Current activities:

  1. 10 flexible calendar days; 5 fall days and 5 spring days to participate in Flex workshops and events (Flex Calendar Certification form submitted annually to the Chancellor's Office outlining our program.)
  2. Teaching and Learning Center workshops, just-in-time training, and drop-in assistance for instructional technologies; distance education, web site production and maintenance, multimedia, and web-based applications.
  3. Annual Classified Staff Development Day
  4. Management Training (e.g. emergency preparedness, mobile technologies, etc.)
  5. Ongoing mental health first aid workshops and training for management, faculty and staff
  6. IBB training for District labor & faculty team reps
  7. On-going dept/division level year round staff & professional development activities for faculty, managers & support staff

Support and expand:

  1. create a continuum of strategic professional development opportunities, for all faculty, staff, and administrators to be better prepared to respond to the evolving student needs and measures of student success
  2. direct professional development resources for both faculty and staff toward improving basic skills instruction and support services
  3. discuss new state funding implications in planning, coordination and implementation of professional development activities—for example:
  1. conference funds
  2. guest speakers
  3. department-wide training (train-the-trainer)
  4. mentoring for new faculty and staff; "on-boarding" procedures