Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B2 - Shorten time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment strategies

Strategy: B2-D

Analyze Learning Communities for student success and sustainability.

Project Leader:   Director of Education Centers, Title V

The Learning Community/Cohort/Basic Skills (LCCBS) subcommittee of the Student Support Services Committee (SSSC) met on three times in May 2013, and is scheduled to meet over the summer. At the first meeting, the seven members in attendance identified the goal “To recommend solutions for basic skills students that are scalable and sustainable to increase their success” to the SSSC.

The first step in analysis is developing well-thought research questions.  Research questions were proposed in three areas: Student Needs, Cost of Effective Approaches, and Changes to the College. The LCCBS subcommittee will be looking at college data to analyze the following:

1. How have Cabrillo students in LCs performed so far in relation to students in comparison groups (course success, progression through basic skills sequence, attainment of significant goals such as 30 units, passing transfer level English and math, continuous enrollment during first three semesters, and other success indicators and milestones)

2. What best practices from LCs (with evidence that indicates increased success for students) can be used in classes that are not part of LCs?

3. Can we positively impact the success of basic skills students who cannot participate in an LC (cannot attend full time, no more spaces available, need to attend during the evening etc.) by changes to our processes or practices?


A Google site for the subcommittee has been set up at https://sites.google.com/a/cabrillo.edu/lccbs-subcommittee-of-sstf/.