Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B2 - Shorten time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment strategies.

Strategy: B2-A

Utilize electronic student ed planning data as basis to further develop class schedules and staffing plans

Project Leader:   Cabinet

A new Student Planning module is being installed in the student system, and will be and piloted in Fall 2013.  As this rolls out, the college will have data indicating specific, student-level, course-taking plans.  This creates an opportunity to anticipate proper sizing of programs and for planning class schedules and staffing to meet specific student needs.

There are many unknowns, at this point, and progress will depend on the types of reports that are included from Ellucian (the student system vendor), or will depend on the type of reports that can be developed locally.  Information Technology and the Planning and Research Office will work jointly to identify and/or develop reporting and analysis that can answer the question how well aligned are college programs and course offerings with students academic plans.

The initial work will occur in conjunction with the roll-out student planning module (2013 Fall).