Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B3 - Optimize sustainable use of college facilities for students, faculty, staff & community

Strategy: B3-B

Reduce carbon emissions.  Achieve energy savings.

Project Leader:   Director, FPPO

Cabrillo College is making progress in achieving important benchmarks related to the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (AUCPCC) goals, and contributing to a national effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through operational changes to the physical campus, as well as behavioral and intellectual changes through student and staff involvement, new curricula and courses, and directed campaigns, including Cabrillo’s GreenSteps programs.

In 2008, Cabrillo’s electricity use was estimated to have produced 2,052 metric tons of CO2. The estimate for 2011, of 1,499 mteCO2, represents an exciting 27% reduction in GHG emissions related to electricity use. Energy use had previously increased every year of Cabrillo’s history.

The process of estimating Cabrillo’s GHG emissions, and goals to reduce them, has made it clear there are many exciting and innovative projects on campus. Recent successful projects aimed at sustainability and the reduction of GHG emissions include:

  1. An active website for sustainability and climate initiatives at Cabrillo College cabrillogreensteps.org
  2. Online carpool facilitation tool organized by the students in the Cabrillo Sustainability Council club
  3. Completion of the 14,000 square foot Solari Green Technology Center at the Watsonville Campus
  4. Expansion of sustainability-related curriculum offerings, including new courses in Health Sciences and Construction and Energy Management
  5. Active student Bike Co-op
  6. Student Food Co-op and Permaculture Clubs
  7. Sustainable innovations by the Culinary Arts program and Taher Campus Dining Services including 100% compostable utensils and to-go plates, local organic produce including produce from the Horticulture Program, vegan options
  8. Horticulture Department’s organic hydroponic food program & partnership with Taher Campus Dining Services
  9. Bi-annual Flex workshops relating to campus sustainability and sustainability curricula
  10. Energy conservation campaigns, including installing new advanced motion-sensor power strips throughout the Aptos campus, at no cost to Cabrillo
  11. New online class, census and grade rosters for faculty, and online Business Office forms
  12. Annual Earth Week & Bike to School Week activities
  13. Modernization of building energy management systems
  14. Installation of energy efficient LED lighting
  15. Electric fleet vehicles
  16. Effective eWaste recycling program