Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B4 - Cultivate and sustain close connections with the local community.

Strategy:  B4-A

Engage in community outreach

Project Leader:   President

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) served 433 clients from the Monterey Bay area in 2012, presented over 50 seminars to over 1,224 attendees.


Community collaboratives included seminar series developed with the Cultural Council, seminars developed with the Community Foundation, City of Santa Cruz, Think Local First, Chambers of Commerce, FarmLink, CSUMB and neighboring community colleges, etc.


Service on the Boards of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce, Community Development Corporation, Employer Advisory Council and Your Future Is our Business

Youth Engagement: collaborated with ROP, local high schools for a business plan competition for local youth and presented an "Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour" to 400+ high school students


Cabrillo staff attended the Community Leaders Economic Vitality Mission to San Luis Obispo in May, 2012.