Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B4 - Cultivate and sustain close connections with the local community.

Strategy: B4-B

Maintain and expand Foundation's scholarship and grant activities

Project Leader:  Executive Director, Foundation

The Cabrillo College Foundation cultivates and sustains relationships in the community in the following ways:

  1. Engages a 33 member volunteer board and 101 volunteers who serve on 9 administrative, fundraising, and program committees.
  1. Volunteers provide support both in their time and financial support
  2. Volunteers form a closer relationship with Cabrillo as they become more informed and invested in our students and programs
  1. Coordinates events to not only recognize donors for their generous support but to also foster their connection to Cabrillo by using each event as an opportunity to showcase Cabrillo students and Cabrillo programs
  1. Women’s Educational Success is an emergency grant program to support women students at Cabrillo with immediate needs. The program is led by a 30 member volunteer committee. A luncheon is held in the fall each year, hosting over 150 community donors, and features Cabrillo recipients as keynote speakers. This event was held on September 21, 2012.
  2. Nearly 200 community members attend the annual Holiday Party in December which features art by Cabrillo students and faculty, and service and food by Cabrillo culinary students. The event provides an opportunity for community members to connect with Cabrillo artists and culinary students. This event was held on December 7, 2012
  3. On October 26, 2012, Cabrillo’s Music Recital Hall was named in honor of Cabrillo’s largest donor, Barbara Samper. The Samper Recital Hall Celebration event included 150 community members who were treated to a performance showcasing Cabrillo’s various music and choral groups.
  4. The Cabrillo Advancement Program is an innovative mentoring program which begins in the 6th grade and provides tutoring, counseling, and college guidance until the 12th grade for local low-income students. CAP students who graduate from high school and enroll at Cabrillo receive $2,000 in scholarship. Every year in March, the Cabrillo College Foundation hosts a CAP Awards Ceremony to induct 60 new 6th grade CAP students into the program and recognize CAP high school seniors. This event was held on March 5, 2013.
  5. The President’s Circle is a special group of nearly 200 Cabrillo supporters who provide critical funding for the operations of the foundation. A 37 volunteer committee works together to raise funds for the President’s Circle. President’s Circle donors are invited to special events through the year, which include Cabrillo Stage plays, Winemaker’s Dinners held by the Cabrillo Culinary Department, and history tours led by Cabrillo Emeritus Instructor, Sandy Lydon.
  1. Provides scholarships to Cabrillo students. Last year 1,038 scholarship were awarded, totaling $659,000 in student scholarships
  2. In 2011-12 through the generosity of 4,609 donors a total of $4,301,119 was provided  in support of Cabrillo College.
  3. Makes direct contact with over 15,000 students, parents of students, alumni, and past donors in our community through our telephone outreach campaign. Callers promote Cabrillo events and provide the latest news about Cabrillo to prospects, providing an annual connection to their community college.
  4. Publishes an Annual Report, recognizing over 3,000 community donors, featuring Cabrillo Foundation programs and Cabrillo students, and our largest donors.  The Annual Report is mailed to 16,000 community members, promoting and fostering our relationship with our community.