Goal B - Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B5 - Evaluate, integrate, and improve planning, resource allocation and other processes critical to institutional effectiveness.

Strategy: B5-A

Conduct financial planning and budget development as an inclusive process, involving all constituencies.

Project Leader:   Vice-President, Administrative Services

The institution relies upon its mission and goals as the foundation for financial planning.

  1. Financial planning is integrated with and supports all institutional planning.


  1. Institutional planning reflects realistic assessment of financial resource availability, development of financial resources, partnerships, and expenditure requirements.


  1. When making short-range financial plans, the institution considers its long-range financial priorities to assure financial stability. The institution clearly identifies and plans for payment of liabilities and future obligations.


  1. The institution clearly defines and follows its guidelines and processes for financial planning and budget development, with all constituencies having appropriate opportunities to participate in the development of institutional plans and budgets.

The College Planning Council (CCP) agendas and minutes document the regularity and frequency of consultative updates with constituent leaders.  The Budget & Benefits Information Center page is regularly updated, and serves both to keep the community informed, and also serves as a document archive.