Goal B: Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B5 - Evaluate, integrate, and improve planning, resource allocation and other processes critical to institutional effectiveness.

Strategy: B5-B

Develop and implement a total cost of ownership model to fully integrate facilities and maintenance planning.

Project Leader:   Director, Facilities Planning and Plant Operations

The total cost of ownership is a term used in planning that describes the cost associated with the operation of buildings, grounds, and associated infrastructure of a facilities. More specifically, the aspects of the total cost of ownership relate to the vital functions of predictive and preventative maintenance of facilities which include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, heating/venting/air conditioning (HVAC) and all the features of the building envelope and its infrastructure.

Facilities Planning and Plant Operations has been working on developing a total cost of ownership. Data collection began in January 2013 via the help of students and staff who canvassed the entire college, collecting statistics on every type of space and its condition. Now that this information has been gathered and almost completely compiled, an analysis as to what the critical needs of the District will be are the next step in the process.

The development of a critical needs list will allow the District to better understand what buildings require attention in order to make the learning environment for students more effective. This process will also allow the District to understand, make decisions and budget for overall costs, in order to accomplish immediately necessary, preventative and predictive facilities maintenance.

Strategy source: the 2013 Accreditation Self-Study