Goal B - Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Objective B5 - Evaluate, integrate, and improve planning, resource allocation and other processes critical to institutional effectiveness.

Strategy: B5-F

Strengthen existing SLO processes for quality assurance

Project Leader:  Vice-President of Instruction/SLO Coordinator

Progress Report:  The issue has been discussed in the following campus shared governance venues: the Faculty Senate, the Council on Instructional Planning (CIP) and the Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC).  As a way of ensuring quality assurance across the college,  OARC created a program planning template that has been recommended for use in all sectors of the institution, one in which SLO and/or AUO assessment plays a major role.  In addition, CIP has instituted an accelerated SLO assessment process for those Instructional departments that are behind schedule (part of its quality assurance processes). Instruction Council voted to approve the purchase of CurricUNET’s SLO module, which will help with systematized reporting, scheduling and archiving of SLO assessment forms, all of which have been quality assurance issues.

Strategy source:  2013 Accreditation Self-Study - Planning Agenda item #3.

3. Strengthen existing SLO processes for quality assurance. (IIA)