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Live Scan Fingerprinting


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:00 am- 12:00pm (Lunch) 1:00pm-4:00 pm
**Walk-Ins Only**

*Days and hours are subject to change

Payment by Cash and Master Card or Visa

General Information

As of Feb 1st 2015 $30 rolling fee + any DOJ or FBI fees

Fingerprint fees range anywhere from $30.00 to $120.00 depending on the levels of services needed.

Phone (831) 479-6313 for information.

Cabrillo College has a live scan fingerprint system located in the Sheriff's Office at Cabrillo College.  Live scan is a system for the electronic submission of fingerprints of an applicant, with a subsequent automated background check and response. The goal of this system is to improve and expedite the applicant fingerprint clearance process.

As a result of legislation passed and signed into law in late 1997, an automated background check process was implemented. The Department of Justice (DOJ) met with the California State Sheriff's Association and agreed that, as the lead county law enforcement agency, sheriff's departments should take the lead in providing fingerprint services to facilitate background checks. A site plan was developed, and as a result, a live scan terminal was placed in the Sheriff's Office at Cabrillo College.

Live scan technology replaces the process of recording an individualâs fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink and a standard 8" x 8" fingerprint card. Digitizing the fingerprint minutiae (the characteristics that make fingerprints unique) enables the electronic transfer of the fingerprint image data in combination with personal descriptor information to central site computers at the DOJ in a matter of seconds, instead of days required to send hard copy fingerprint cards through the U.S. mail.     Ink prints can still be rolled by the Sheriff's Office staff if needed.

Once at DOJ, the applicant-related information is processed electronically, including automated searches by name, date of birth, and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). If no prior criminal record is found, the requesting agency will be notified. If the applicant is found to have a prior criminal record, the information (in automated format) is forwarded to the Applicant Response Unit. This unit reviews and compares the new, incoming application against the criminal record and determines the level of Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) dissemination legally allowed.

DOJ coordinates the other processing resulting from the automated submission of fingerprints, including forwarding the fingerprints to the FBI (if required) and coordinating the collection of associated fees.

With the entire process automated, the DOJ will be able to process up to 95% of electronic applicant fingerprint submissions in 72 hours or less. In those instances where a complete record is not available or manual processing is required, it will take additional time to respond. Similarly, if the response is to be returned to an agency, which does not have electronic response capability, it will take additional time for the response to be returned via U.S. mail.

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