Student Outcomes for Faculty Inquiry and Analysis (SOFIA)

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  Got quesions? Need data? Use SOFIA, your personal research system

 Have you experimented with new curriculum recently? Tried a new teaching style?

 Use Cabrillo's new faculy inquiry system to access success and commpletion data for your sections of a particular course.  Filter the data to examine potential achievement gaps based on student demographics. 

 SOFIA, Student Outcomes for Faculty Inquiry and Analysis, allows faculty and    other users to login to a secure interface and run queries based on specific      classes, sections and other well-defined student cohorts (e.g, learning  communities, EOPS students, DSPS, etc.).


 SOFIA can answer questions about:

    ·  Success & Completion by course or department

    ·  Retention by cohort

    ·  Student Progress & Attainment of common outcomes like completion of a        degree or transfer


 Key features:

   ·  User friendly interface

   ·  Section-level data

   ·  Upload 99 custom cohorts using Data on Demand

   ·  Advanced Layout pivot table

   ·  Export to Excel, CSV, or text

   ·  Demographic filters: age,  gender, ethnicity, placement level, course        


   ·  Special population filters: EOPS, DSPS, Veterans, & more

   ·  Learning Community filter: STARS, Puente, Honors, etc.


  How can YOU use SOFIA?

   ·  Make data-driven curricular  & pedagogical changes

   ·  Use data to support all stages of the Program Planning process

   ·  Assess the achievement gap in a course or department

   ·  Longitudinal cohort tracking



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