STARS First Year Experience (FYE):
Learning Communities Program


STARS Math Prep and Review to Retest (RTR): General Education and transfer

The STARS Math Prep and Review to Retest (RTR) supports students who place into the basic college mathematics on the assessment test at Cabrillo by offering a two-week summer intensive review of mathematical concepts. Students then retest and either advance to Beginning College Algebra or remain at college mathematics for fall semester with tutorial and peer-led support.

The STARS First Year Experience program supports you to learn more about how to be a successful student. The program helps students to study and learn in groups; develop important study skills; connect to vital campus and college resources; and explore a chosen major and create a career plan to transfer to a college or university.

The courses and classroom activities are designed to foster an environment for student success, connecting students to supportive campus resources and a positive academic community.

The program courses for 2014-15 are:


Summer Two-week Intensive Math Review and Retest (RTR) and Orientation: 

Monday - Friday: June 16-20 and June 23-27 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

2-day orientation August 28-29

Student and family BBQ on Saturday, August 30th

Fall semester 2014 courses

  • Math 254SI or 154 – includes math support with peer-led tutoring (SI)
  • English 100 and lab – elements of writing
  • DMCP 130 – First Year Experience Seminar
  • Student Choice of course- STARS will provide students with options

Spring semester 2015 courses

  • Math 154 or 152 – includes supplemental instruction (peer-led tutoring)
  • English 1A and Library 10 - college composition
  • Student Choice of transfer-level courses- to fulfill degree requirements


Fall 2014 Schedule: Click HERE

Eligibility: You can join the STARS program if you:

    • have an interest in getting an Associates degree or transferring to a four-year university and being a full-time student (12 units or more per semester)
    • commit to taking STARS courses and attending STARS activites during orientation and fall and spring semester
    • have taken the assessment test in math and placed into math 254 with a score of 20 or higher and have assessed into English 100 level
    • have not attended college full-time within the last three years and have less than 15 attempted units
    • want support in the successful transition to Cabrillo during your first year

Benefits for Students in First Year Experience program:

  • Early / Priority Class Registration- convenient block schedule and guaranteed enrollment
  • Take English and math required to transfer to a university
  • Make new friends – take classes together and meet other students and teachers at Cabrillo!
  • Advance one semester in math if you pass the assessment test by attending the two week review and retest summer program
  • Math Tutoring and extra support through Supplemental Instruction
  • Activities and STARS Club events (career workshops, club activities, study skills workshops, etc.)
  • Guest Speakers and field trips related to the university and transfer opportunities
  • First Year Experience Faculty - caring and committed instructors dedicated to student success
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