STARS First Year Experience (FYE):
Learning Communities Program


STARS First Year Experience: General Education

The STARS First Year Experience: General education and transfer is a program that helps you transition smootly to Cabrillo while helping you explore different options for transfering to a four-year university and/or completing your Associates degree.


Each semester during your first year at Cabrillo students take English and math and get to choose other courses in their field of your choice. Students also take a First Year Experience seminar where they build awareness and get practice in success-oriented habits, using resources, time management, study and test taking techniques, and learning how to thrive in college. The courses and classroom activities are designed to foster an environment for student success, connecting you to supportive campus resources and a positive academic community.


The STARS First Year Experience courses for 2017-18:

Fall 2017 Schedule with English 100 Mon/Wed - Click HERE

Fall 2017 Schedule with English 100 Tu/Thurs - Click HERE


Cabrillo Orientation

Orientation - tbd

Fall semester 2017 courses

  • English 100 and lab – elements of writing
  • Math 254, 154, or 152 or 112 (Pre-algebra, Beginning algebra, Intermediate algebra, or Prep for Stats)– includes math support with supplemental instruction (peer-led tutoring)
  • CG 51 -  Planning for Success
  • CABT/LIBR 510 – Digital Literacy II
  • Optional course/s - student choice based on educational plan

Spring semester 2017 courses

  • English 1A and Library 10 (co-requsite with English 1A) - college composition
  • Math 154, 152, 112 or transfer-level math includes math support with supplemental instruction (peer-led tutoring)
  • Additional courses chosen by student based on their educational plan


Eligibility: You can join the STARS program if you:

  • Are interested in transferring to an Associates degree and/or transferring to a four-year university
  • Commit to take STARS courses, being a full-time student (12 units or more per semester), and attending STARS activites during orientation and fall and spring semester
  • Have taken the assessment test and are currently at or placed in English 255 or 100 and math 254,154 or 152
  • Students who want support in successfully transitioning to Cabrillo during their first year

Benefits for Students in STARS Learning Communities

  • Early / Priority Classes- convenient block schedule and guaranteed enrollment
  • 1-2 day Orientation -  occurs the week before school starts and is designed to improve a students transition to Cabrillo
  • Take English and math required to transfer to a university or to start courses in your major or career
  • Make new friends – take classes together and meet other students at Cabrillo!
  • Math Tutoring and extra support through Supplemental Instruction
  • Activities and STARS Club events (career workshops, club activities, study skills workshops, etc.)
  • First Year Experience Faculty - caring and committed instructors dedicated to student success
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