Grant Objectives

students near ampitheater

The Title - V grant has objectives for each of the five years of the project, all of which support the two overall project goals:

  • Improve success and persistence for first-time full-time students enrolled in pre-transfer level classes.
  • Provide resources for faculty and students to support engaged learning.

The five-year funded strategies are as follows:

  • Establish a First Year Experience program with Summer Bridge and Supplemental Instruction.
  • Increase the success and persistence rates of students involved in the First Year Experience program by 10 percent, and increase their three-year graduation/transfer rate by 5%. Equip 9 classrooms with smart technology and convert one classroom to an instructional lab.
  • Support faculty to redesign curriculum for increased student success.
  • Provide a new library collection to engage reluctant readers.
  • Provide information kiosks to supplement first-contact resources with technology.
  • Establish a faculty inquiry system to provide faculty with timely access to student performance data.
  • Grow the college endowment to support the institutionalization of grant initiatives.

The specific objectives for the first year of the grant (October 2009 " September 2010) are listed below:

  1. Launch Summer Bridge program focusing on students interested in Allied Health careers (summer 2010).
  2. Launch First Year Experience program focusing on students interested in Allied Health careers (fall 2010).
  3. Launch Supplemental Instruction pilot for math classes in First Year Experience program (fall 2010).
  4. Facilitate faculty-driven process to redesign basic skills curriculum.
  5. Equip three lecture classrooms with smart technology.
  6. Establish new reading collections in Aptos library and Watsonville Integrated Learning Center.
  7. Begin design of Faculty Inquiry System.
  8. Establish a Title V endowment fund with the Cabrillo College Foundation.

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