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Shelter In Place: Most Classes/Services Online through Fall Semester

What is Coaching banner

Coaching Studies show that College students who work with peer coaches tend to enjoy college more, earn higher grades and complete more classes. As a result, coached students are more likeley to graduate or transfer on time and are better positioned to advance their career opportunites.

What happens during a coaching session?

Your STEM Success Coach is here to listen to your concerns, work with you to set and achieve your academic, social and personal goals. They can assist you in establishing a long-term educational and professional vision. They will work with you to break down your vision into smaller goals or steps and establish accountability. STEM Success Coaches:

Can connect you to campus and community resources
  • Be a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of
  • Assist you in study skills:
    • Time Management
    • Balancing Life
    • Establish Peer Networks
    • Goal Setting
    • Stress Management
  • Improve your communication with faculty and staff
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