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Transfering to CAL POLY SLO?

Guide to the Supplemental Application
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Transfer Planning starts right away!open doors

If you are undecided about which academic area to pursue in college but you want STEM as an option, then when taking a math class choose one from the STEM math sequence.Math Flow Chart

What is Transfer?

Transfer means that after you complete your lower division major coursework, you will transfer to a 4-year school to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Cabrillo Students transfer to many 4-year institutions as well as into jobs.



UC System
CSU System

Santa Clara


See the Articulation and Transfer Specialist for information.

Students who already have a baccalaureate degree may want to consider preparing for a graduate STEM program.

Contact the STEM Team for how best to proceed.








Choosing a Transfer School - coming soon!



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