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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

March 28, 2013 minutes

May 8, 2013 agenda minutes

November 18, 2013 agenda minutes

March 20, 2014 agenda minutes

May 12, 2014 agenda minutes



Best Practices and Tool Kits for Faculty

Michael Mangin (lead), Phil Carr, Vicki Fabbri, Matt Halter, Barbara Schultz-Perez, Sheryl Kern-Jones, Ian Haslam

Meeting notes from April 22 & 29, 2013

Student Senate notes from May 9, 2013

Learning Community/Cohorts/Basic Skills

Rachel Mayo (lead), Diego Navarro, Margery Regalado Rodriguez, Alex Taurke

Collaborative LCCBS team site

May 7, 2013 agenda

K-12/Cabrillo Course Alignment/Common Core

Ray Kaupp (S4C)

Cost Per Successful Student Analysis

Victoria Lewis (lead), Rick Fillman

Distance Learning/MOOCs

Francine Van Meter (lead) and Faculty Senate work group

Enrollment Management

Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, Kathie Welch (leads)


Terrence Willett (lead), Barbara Schultz-Perez, Diego Navarro, Rachel Mayo, Jim Weckler, Wanda Garner, Joseph Carter, Mark DeSmet, Jennifer Cass




Studies on Accelerated Learning

  • Lays out the problem:

  • From the Community College Research Center at Columbia University:

  • MDRC Evaluations:

  • Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching:

  • Recent Inside Higher Ed Article:

The statistics from the following article about an accelerated math program at Los Medanos College includes the ACE Program there:


Best Practice and Student Success at Cabrillo (Power Point)

Dr. Ian R. Haslam

A Matter of Degrees: Promising Practices for Community College Student Success

OECD reviews of vocational education and training; Learning for Jobs

The Path to Quality Teaching in Higher Education


Guidelines to Boosting Student Success

The Case for On-Time Registration

Updating the Traditional Academic Advising Model for the 21st Century

Learning, Teaching, and College Completion

The Completion Agenda: To What End?

Keynote: The Completion Agenda

Cabrillo College Implementation of Student Success Initiative

Why Poor Students' College Plans 'Melt' Over The Summer


Local Interpretation of the Scorecard

Planning & Research Office

Cabrillo's SSTF Progress Chart

Cabrillo Timeline for Implentation of SB 1456

Using Student Voices to Redefine Support (Power Point)

Kathy Booth, Darla Cooper, Kelley Karandjeff, Michael Large, Nathan Pellegrin, Rogeair Purnell, Diane Rodriguez-Kiino, Eva Schiorring, & Terrence Willet

CSSO Spring Institute, March 14, 2012 - Supporting Student Success: A vision for evidence-based reform (PowerPoint)

Melinda Mechur Karp, Ph.D.

Notes from February 2013 Flex Week Session on Student Success

Notes from February 19, 2013 Faculty Senate

Implementation of Student Success Task Force Recommendations Progress Chart from January 7, 2013 Board of Governors Meeting

Student Success Act Implementation Update (2Mb PowerPoint)

Linda Michalowsky, Vice Chancellor, CCCCO
& Sonia Ortiz-Mercado, Dean of Students, CCCCO

Student Success Update (1.1Mb PowerPoint)

Patrick Perry, Vice Chancellor, CCCCO

Setting Our Sights (307K PowerPoint)

Kathy Booth, Executive Diretor, RP Group

CCCCO Student Success Web Site

Timeline for Implementation


Contact Information


Steering Committee


Dennis Bailey-Fougnier

Kathie Welch

Tama Bolton

Arturo Cantu

Phil Carr

Vicki Fabbri

Rick Fillman

Matt Halter

Ian Haslam

Sheryl Kern-Jones

Victoria Lewis

Michael Mangin

Rachel Mayo

Diego Navarro

Ekua Omosupe

Margery Regalado Rodriguez

Beth Regardz

Barbara Schultz-Perez

Alex Taurke

Terrence Willett

Map and DirectionsDepartment Staff and Faculty Directory
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