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About the TLC

The staff of the TLC focus their support on the training of faculty in the development of teaching and learning resources for use in classrooms, labs, and online instruction. Instructional support staff may be contacted to schedule training for individual projects or department projects.

TLC Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Check the calendar page for future closure dates.


Audrey Blumeneau, Co-Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Center
Room 1095B 
(831) 477-3511

Carol Hobson, Co-Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Center
Room 1095B 
(831) 477-3511

Matthew Smithey, Help Desk Support Assistant
Room 1095
(831) 479-5030

Who can use TLC services?
TLC resources are limited, and thus it focuses its support on the training of teaching and non-teaching faculty. College support staff may also take part in training exercises. Use of the TLC labs is limited to activities that support instruction and the services of the college in that order of priority. The TLC also provides college wide, computer training to all college personnel at the request of the Information Technology Department and workshops during FLEX week.

How are training services provided?
Primarily, faculty and instructional support staff may sign up for small group training workshops offered through the Fall and Spring semesters. FLEX activities are the secondary means by which faculty and staff attend training during the regular academic year. FLEX credit is given for work done in the TLC during FLEX week that supports the development of instruction.

How are development services prioritized?
Primarily, most requests for computer-based development support are of two varieties. There are requests which are informational and *support* instruction, and those which are instructional and are used to directly teach students content in a specific discipline. Prioritization of services are first given to development requests which result in instructional materials or sustaining online courses; requests for materials which support instruction are given secondary support. As in most departments, the workload for the Teaching & Learning Center is determined by the TLC Director and Instructional Resource staff in the department.

Are there costs to attend training or for support in producing instructional materials?
There are no costs charged to an individual faculty member or department other than for materials used in the development process such as storage devices, disks, large color print jobs, DV tapes. An exception to charges occurs when an outside vendor must be hired to complete services due to the nature or time frame of the request. Faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase their own writable CD's and high-gloss paper for photographic quality printing.

Duplication of print materials should be sent to the Duplications Department. Duplication of tapes or CD’s is the responsibility of the faculty/staff member. Copyrighted material will not be duplicated without written authorization from the copyright holder. Please see the copyright laws on the Duplications Department website.

How do I get started?

  1. Make an appointment for a consultation with a TLC staff member
  2. If training is necessary, either group or individual training is scheduled and conducted
  3. Production schedule is established and resources identified
  4. Faculty member develops prototype of materials
  5. Formative evaluation of materials
  6. TLC staff work with faculty member in finalizing materials
  7. Project is released

If you need help or have questions call: 831-479-5030

What types of development services are offered?

Audio Production.
The TLC has a number of resources you can use to capture and edit audio, including an iPod recorder, handheld digital recorder, podcasting and more. You can record and capture audio for use in a compressed video, narration, button feedback, etc.

Consultation and HelpDesk
The consultation process can be as simple as a phone call or as much assistance needed in the planning and development of an entire online course. The TLC frontdesk (x5030) can answer quick questions by phone or in-person. If you reach our voicemail, it means we are with another staff member, so leave a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Digital Photography
Digital video and still cameras are available for check-out. 

Flatbed, 35mm Slide, & OCR Scanning.
Images from slides and photos can be scanned and text can be retrieved via Optical Character Recognition.

Laptops and Projectors
There are a limited number of PC laptops and LCD projectors available for check out for special projects/presentations. The equipment is not intended for regular classroom use. See your Program Chair for information on how to request computer equipment for your classroom.

Online Course Management System
Online course management systems are for both online classes and augmenting face-to-face instruction. Visit the Cabrillo Canvas Guiedes, or contact one of the TLC Co-Coordinators for information on how to get started.

Parscore Exam Scoring
The are two Scantron machines. One uses the popular Parscore software for managing scoring and gradesheets.

Software Testing
Software testing is available on a limited basis.

Software Training
The TLC provides a small library of training CD’s for staff to check out on the most popular software applications.

Word Processing
Though most faculty are proficient at word processing, training and consultation in this area are still available.

Video Production
Video production services are available ONLY to capture material for use in the production of computer-based materials. If you need to convert a VHS to DVD, or duplicate DVDs, we suggest Costco as a cost effective commercial vendor.

Web Page Design
The TLC provides training in the use of software to produce web pages. Additionally, at times, TLC will help in the design and debugging of web pages for use in instruction.


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