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Accessibility Guidelines

Checklist for Multimedia and Accommodation

The items listed below refer to video, audio, and other instructional materials that are posted on a web page or in your Canvas course. For more information specific to pages and files; please refer to the sites linked in the left menu. Additional resources are listed there as well. Contact the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) if you have any questions.

Supplemental Resources

Incomplete Aligned
D19: Audio and Video
Accurate transcripts are not included for audio and/or closed captioning for video is not present.
Accurate transcripts are included for audio, closed captioning for video, and narrative descriptions are available when possible.
D20: Live Broadcast
Live broadcasts do not have synchronized captions.
Live broadcasts include a means for displaying synchronized captions.
D21: Auto-Play
Multimedia is set to auto-play.
Multimedia is not set to auto-play.
D22: Flashing Content
Contains blinking or strobing multimedia.
Multimedia (including gifs and images) do not blink or strobe.
D23: Instructional Materials Inventory
Inherently inaccessible learning objects are present, and an instructional material inventory and plan for accommodation has not been provided.
An Instructional Material Inventory of each inherently inaccessible learning object is provided with a plan that has been reviewed and approved by the DSPS office for accommodating students with disabilities.

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