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Using Dreamweaver to Publish Your Website

Dreamweaver is a simple web publishing application. You can use it to build your site or just to transfer files between your computer and the campus Internet server.

You can download a trial version from Adobe.

Create a Site in Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (CS6)

Create a Site to help Dreamweaver keep track of your files.

STEP 1: Select Site->New Site

Where will your local files be stored?

  • In the Site Setup box > give your site a name (like the TLC's site below)
  • Click on the folder icon next to the field for the local root folder. Select a folder you have already designated as THE folder for your web files.

site setup

Where will those files be copied to so people can access them on the web?


STEP 2: Click on the Servers category. Use the + symbol to add a new server.

designate server


STEP 3: Enter the web server location information so when you go through the file transfer process (FTP) it will connect successfully.

  • You will connect using SFTP (secure FTP)
  • Enter the address and username and password information given to you by Cabrillo
  • Then press the SAVE button.
  • Press the SAVE button one more time after verifying the Address in the Site Setup window.

server info


double check site info

Now that the site is created and the FTP information entered into Dreamweaver, connect to your site.

Creating New Files and Folders

In the Files panel or on the toolbar, Click on the plugs icons to plug them in.

connect to remote server






Click on the expand/collapse icon to see your local (on your hard drive) and remote (on the web server) files.

In the Local window, select the file you want to upload and use the arrow (blue) to Put your file on the web.











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