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Fall 2013 Flex Week
Responding to Change and Moving Forward

The Cabrillo College Staff Development Committee has prepared a great program for Fall 2013 Flex Week with a wide array of professional development opportunities.

All College Day is MONDAY, August 26th. At the conclusion of All College Day, join your colleagues for a "No Reservations!" lunch furnished by two local mobile restaurants. (Food trucks are a culinary craze.) Lunch tickets will be distributed to attendees following the ceremonies. Location: the quad outside the Crocker Theater.

Support your colleagues by attending these workshops. Note: several events are held the week before Flex Week, and Department Specific events are listed on their own page.


Blackboard Academy

This is a two-day academy on Wednesday, August 21 and Thursday, August 22, designed to provide novice and experienced users 4–6 hours of instruction. Faculty new to teaching online or hybrid courses are required to participate in the 2-hour Cabrillo Distance Education Orientation. For more information, visit the Fall 2013 Flex Week online calendar and reserve a spot.


Our Gang Discovers Our Inner Otters!

On Saturday, August 24, Our Gang will explore the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. They will visit the interpretive center and have a docent speak. Much of the activity will require participants to walk, kayak, and get their hands muddy in the wetlands of the Monterey Bay. For more information, visit the Fall 2013 Flex Week online calendar and reserve a spot.


End of the Semester Blackboard Checklist

1. Gradebook (SAVE YOUR GRADES offline)

  • Complete all grading, set-up/or verify all calculated columns are working correctly
  • Scan columns in the grade book and look for anything that is out of place. Students who have blank scores, particular assignment missing a lot of scores.
  • DOWNLOAD your grades! In the Grade Center, select Work Offline > Download > download the Full Grade Center

work offline

2. Reflection

  • What worked well in the course? What did not work as planned? What technical difficulties did you or your students have?
  • What areas of the course would youI like to improve? What content or activities would you like to add?

Schedule time to work on the course to make improvements. Take advantage of TLC staff to improve your course. If you found some technical difficulties that your students had, visit the TLC and get their help in resolving what those issues are.

3. Request Fall 2013 Blackboard Shells

The TLC is processing requests for fall 2013 course shells. Please remember to request shells before you leave for summer break.
You can find your new section numbers online at Just click on your department name.

NOTE: Postini is intercepting our messages regarding Blackboard. Because over 200 faculty use Blackboard, we prefer to send some messages just to those who have accounts. Please update your Postini settings to accept anything from and/or Blackboard Admin.

The TLC will be open regular hours this summer to support you in developing your Blackboard content. Thomas Lightfoot (aka "Tommy") begins June 3 as the TLC's new Help Desk Support Assistant. Tommy has been with us as a student assistant since last August, and does a wonderful job supporting our faculty and staff.


Online Teaching Conference at Long Beach City College

June 19, 20, 21, 2013
Long Beach City College

Session tracks include the following. Check out the pre-conference workshops as well.

  • Online Teaching Effective Practices - Teaching practices that work, focusing on accessibility, learning styles, etc. 
  • Support Services & Resources - Student Services, Library Services, Instructional Design and Faculty Services, and other Teaching/Learning Resources 
  • Technology Innovation - Creative use of social media, mobile devices, new products and releases 
  • Leadership, Planning & Evaluation - Online learning program issues, authentication, regulations, policies, and strategies



TLC Services and more...

Parscore and Scantron

Do you use the Parscore software for Scantron answer sheets? To reserve the Parscore computer workstation, sign up using the online Scantron Calendar.

Interested in teaching an online or hybrid course?

The new Distance Education Faculty Handbook, produced by the Distance Education Committee, contains information about faculty preparation for online and hybrid courses, course quality standards, and state and local distance education policies.

Distance Education Faculty Handbook

Stay up-to-date on standards for online media and web design

Making web pages accessible to students with disabilities

To the Cloud!

Learn more about Google docs, Google calendar, and Google sites. Settings for iPad are also available.


TLC Summer Hours

8:30am–5pm (closed 12:30-1:30 for lunch)
Friday, 9am–1pm


TLC Staff

Francine Van Meter, Director
Thomas Lightfoot, Help Desk Support Assistant
Kyle McCarthy, Student Assistant, Blackboard Helpline



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