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Fall 2014 FLEX WEEK, August 25–29

The Cabrillo College Staff Development Committee has prepared a great program for Fall 2014 Flex Week with a wide array of professional development opportunities.

ALL COLLEGE DAY, Cabrillo Connects

All College Day is MONDAY, August 25th!

8–8:30am, Morning Refreshments, outside the Crocker Theater

8:30–12noon, All College Day presentations in the Crocker Theater
There will be several interactive opportunities throughout the morning! This includes breakout sessions during the second half of the program. Please wear comfortable shoes for a short walk to meeting rooms which will be assigned during the All College Program.

President Laurel Jones

Dear Cabrillo College
Last year, the institution spent time delving into ways in which we could support faculty and staff engagement and development. We are currently working on planning that can bring many wonderful opportunities to the campus at large and you will hear about these throughout the fall semester.

To spring into the fall activities, I would like to ask that all staff be invited to our All College Day program on Monday, August 25th, 2014. Refreshments will be available at 8:00 am and the program runs from 8:30 – 12:00.

It is our intent that everyone at Cabrillo has a few moments to catch up, and then enjoy the morning as part of our “Cabrillo Connects” theme for the year. The college will be utilizing all technology methods to communicate to students that the college is closed at this time.

I appreciate each of you working with each other on appropriate communications for your component. I am looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.




NEW TIME Connecting Tradition With Ocean Science in the Micronesian Outer Islands: a Teachable Experience
1–3pm 608 Nicole Crane

CANCELED Not Your Typical Student: Autism Spectrum in the Classroom, Wednesday, 10-12noon.




Download the Guidebook mobile app for Flex Week and enter to win. This year, Precision Wellness Center is giving away two 3-month memberships to Cabrillo employees who download the mobile app. Use it to create My Flex Schedule, submit workshop evaluations using the mobile app, and upload photos from your favorite events.

To enter the raffle, click on the Enter Raffle button in the mobile app. You can also access the same information via our mobile-friendly website at

To get the Flex guide, choose one of the methods below:

  • Download 'Guidebook' from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace
  • Visit from your phone's browser





Blackboard Academy

This is a two-day academy on Wednesday, August 20 and Thursday, August 21, designed to provide novice and experienced users 4–6 hours of instruction. Faculty new to teaching online or hybrid courses are required to participate in the 2-hour Cabrillo Distance Education Orientation. For more information, visit the Fall 2014 Flex Weekonline calendar and reserve a spot. More info . . .


Beginning of the Semester Blackboard Checklist

Use this checklist to get your course ready after copying the content over from the last time you taught it. More detailed information...

  1. Update your syllabus and Salsa directory listing
  2. Send a welcome message to students through WebAdvisor
  3. Update assignment and test due dates
  4. Check all course links and make sure they work
  5. Create a new welcome message to students in the Discussion Board and invite them to respond and introduce themselves

LATE Blackboard Shell Requests

The TLC has processed over 400 requests for fall 2014 course shells. Late requests (those coming in now) may not be ready for the start of the term. However, new faculty hires have priority and their Blackboard requests will be completed first pending training. Blackboard training is required for ALL new accounts. More detailed information...

Blackboard Shell Request Deadlines

Please remember to request shells before you leave for winter/summer break.

Blackboard User Notifications

Postini has occasionally intercepted our messages regarding Blackboard. Because almost 300 faculty use Blackboard, we prefer to send some messages just to those who have accounts. Please update your Postini settings to accept anything from and/or Blackboard Admin.


TLC Services and more...

Parscore and Scantron

Do you use the Parscore software for Scantron answer sheets? To reserve the Parscore computer workstation during heavy testing periods like midterms and finals, sign up using the online Scantron Calendar.

Interested in teaching an online or hybrid course?

The Distance Education Faculty Handbook, produced by the Distance Education Committee, contains information about faculty preparation for online and hybrid courses, course quality standards, and state and local distance education policies.

Distance Education Faculty Handbook


TLC Hours

Friday, 9am–1pm


TLC Staff

Francine Van Meter, Director
Thomas Lightfoot, Help Desk Support Assistant
Eric Ralston, Student Assistant, Blackboard Helpline



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