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Contact Information

Location 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos
Building 100, Office 104
Phone 831.479.5030
Dean of Education Centers, Online, and Innovative Learning
Rachel Mayo
Professional Development Council (Reports to the College Planning Council)
Claire Conklin, John Govsky, and Angela Hoyt
Flex Coordinator
Francine Van Meter

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Flexible Calendar Program

Flex Calendar Printable Version

The Board of Governors through the Chancellor’s Office is required by California Code of Regulations to oversee the Flexible Calendar program for the California Community Colleges. The program consists of staff development activities “in-lieu-of” regular instruction. Flex activities can be, but are not limited to, training programs, group retreats, field experiences, and activities such as course and program development, development of new instructional materials, and other instruction-related activities. (CCR, title 5, division 6, chapter 6, subchapter 8, article 2, section 55724, item a-4)


Register online for Flex Activities in myCabrilloPD

professional developmentUnder the coordination of the Professional Development Council, the Flex Calendar is managed by the Flex Committee. The Calendar is composed of 10 days of professional development activities per academic year, 5 in the fall, and 5 in spring. Additional Flex Fridays are designated throughout the year for special professional development events.

What is Flex Week?

The flex calendar affords faculty the time and format in which to examine instructional concerns outside the traditional classroom setting. It offers an appropriate prelude to the school year as well as a checkpoint between semesters to refresh our sense of educational mission. The flex calendar listed in myCabrillo online and can be downloaded in print format. Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Requirements Regarding Flex Time

CCFT Contract, Article 9 

Flex days are regular duty days with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. Faculty may fulfill their flex requirement by attending workshops on flex days or performing pre-approved individual projects for external flex credit. External flex credit must be approved by the Division Dean. If a faculty member does not complete their flex obligation, they shall be charged under the appropriate leave account in proportion to the missed flex time. [Article]

Each faculty member shall register for flex events or external credit, and once completed, the credit will be applied to their professional development transcripts. [Article]

Title 5 FLEX guidelines prohibit carry over of FLEX hours from year to year. In other words, they cannot be banked.

CCFT Contract and Chancellor's Office Guidelines, Title 5 (section 55726)

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty have a minimum time commitment of 36 flexible hours per fiscal year which includes two fall semester mandatory days (All College Day and Division/Department Day) and one spring semester mandatory day (Division/Department Day). 

Partial contract faculty are required to participate in a specific number of days, which is prorated on a percentage basis of an individual's contract. (If your contract is reduced to 75%, you must complete 36 x .75 = 27 hrs/yr, including the mandatory days.) 

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are required to participate in at least one hour of flex activity per teaching unit each semester.* (If your fall or spring assignment is 9 teaching units, you must complete 9 hours of flex activities that semester.) Adjunct instructors are required to complete their Flex obligation in the same semester in which Flex occurs.

*Faculty attending workshops on accessibility may carry over hours from fall to spring upon approval by their Dean. 

Flex Presenters

Preparing a presentation can require considerable preparation time. Faculty who conduct on-campus flex workshops may receive two hours flex credit for every hour of presentation time. For example: for a 2 hour activity, the primary presenter/coordinator may claim double flex credit. For a panel presentation, faculty responsible for activity coordination and preparation may receive double flex credit. Presenters/coordinators are also responsible for submitting signed rosters for their activity so attendees can receive flex credit.

Special exception

You may perform flex activities on days other than the scheduled flex days, as long as they are not your regular teaching days or work days. Weekends and holidays are permissible as are days when you are only teaching in the evening, or evenings when you are only teaching during the day. You must obtain approval of your Dean using the External Credit Request form in myCabrilloPD.


Should you decide to refuse to participate in flex week, you will have your pay reduced by the number of days of nonparticipation (maximum of five days fall semester and five days spring semester). All flex activities must be completed within the academic calendar.

What are Flex Fridays?

Flex Fridays are intended to provide additional professional development events outside the normal flex calendar. These activities must be pre-approved by the Flex Committee for flex credit. All activities for flex credit must be listed in myCabrilloPD and participants should register in advance.

Presenters are responsible for securing their own room, and tech support if needed. Presenters will also manage the activity by verifying participant completion in myCabrilloPD. The TLC will list your activity in the myCabrilloPD calendar so participants can register for the event and subsequently receive flex credit.

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