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Contact Information

Location 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos
Building 100, Office 104
Phone 831.479.5030
Dean of Education Centers, Online, and Innovative Learning
Rachel Mayo
Cabrillo PD Co-Chairs
Claire Conklin, David King, and Angela Hoyt
Flex Coordinator
Francine Van Meter

Flex Committee


Meetings are on Thursday afternoons in the Teaching and Learning Center, room 1096. Cabrillo PD and Flex Committee will meet jointly the first meeting of each semester.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes Available on Board Docs

Flex Committee 2018 – 19
Thursday Meeting Dates

  • September 20, (Cabrillo PD and Flex Committee Combined: Flex Week review, Flex Friday development)
  • October 18, (Flex Comm Only: Flex week planning, call for proposals)
  • November 15, (Flex Comm Onlyapprove Flex calendar)
  • February 21, (Cabrillo PD and Flex Committee Combined: Flex Week review and Flex Friday development) MINUTES
  • March 21, (Flex Comm Only: Flex week planning, call for proposals)
  • April 18, (Flex Comm Only: approve Flex Calendar)

Flex Fridays 2018–19

Flex Fridays, September 28, October 26, and November 30, February 22, March 22, and April 19 [proposal form]


Flex Committee Membership

Francine Van Meter, Rachel Mayo, Jamie Alonzo, Dianne Avelar, Diane Goody, Sue Slater, Marcy Alancraig, John Govsky, Sarah Doub, Rebecca Smith

CCFT Contract 9.2.2

  • Procedures and timelines for the use of staff development days shall be prepared by the Staff Development Committee.
  • The Staff Development Committee shall consist of:

    (a) the Vice President of Instruction or designee
    (b) three (3) unit members selected by the Faculty Senate
    (c) three (3) unit members selected by the CCFT
    (d) three Deans
    (e) one CCEU member
    (f) one Student Senate member

2014–2019 Cabrillo Strategic Plan Professional Engagement and Transformational Learning
1.6: For all employees, provide training to update skill to address current relevant technologies


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