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TLC ScanMark 2500 Scantron Calendar

This is a new Online Calendar to reserve time-slots for the ScanMark 2500 Scantron system at the TLC.

To place a reservation, simply click on the Date that you wish to place your reservation, and fill out the form as follows:

Calendar Text: <Please type your name here>
Category: <Select Reservation from the pulldown>
Start Time: <Set the time you wish to begin>
End Time: <Set the time of anticipated conclusion>

After filling out these four fields, press the Submit button to complete your reservation.

Calendar entries can be made by anyone who accesses the system, but Editing and Removing entries will be done by the TLC. If you need to Edit or Remove an entry, please call the TLC so that we can make the required changes to the existing entry.

This function was a request from individuals concerned that someone may attempt to alter or remove another person's entry.

Click here to proceed: TLC Scantron Calendar


The Calendar software and hosting is provided by the wonderful resource: Calendars.Net


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