Discussion Topic


Good Discussion Questions

They have more than one answer and afford more than one point of view. Questions should invite the use of higher level thinking skills. Expect good answers and grade accordingly. For large classes, consider dividing the class into groups and offering several sets of questions. Some course management systems allow for peer review via a 5 star rating system.


BACKGROUND (Women's History Month) : We live in a society obsessed with outer beauty; a society that promotes thinness in such a way that girls as young as six years of age have the desire to be thinner. A recent study showed that more than 3 million teenagers suffer from some type of eating disorder, and this number is growing. A close look at the media confirms today's alarming standards of beauty. With children being exposed to media outlets such as television, radio, music, periodicals and the Internet for an average of three to five hours a day, the reality that they are infatuated with their body image should come as no surprise.

QUESTION: How can we change a culture that is saturated with looks into one that emphasizes inner beauty?

Suggested Discussion Threads:

  • What do you think defines beauty? Provide an example from your cultural background.

  • Who sets these standards in our society? Who benefits from them and who suffers? What can be done about it?

  • Have these standards changed in the last decade? If yes, how?

  • What legislation and initiatives concern women? Cite recent press releases on women's issues.

Skills & Student Learning Outcomes :

  • increase critical thinking skills
  • develop media skills by decoding, understanding and evaluating different forms of media
  • develop communication skills in writing
  • develop visual skills and understand how they influence lifestyle choices
  • practice thinking independently by making personal judgments of the media
  • practice research, note taking and bibliography skills
  • demonstrate in writing the ability to examine the issue from different angles and defend your statements