Test Your Knowledge



What are the TWO most important first steps to teaching an online course?
Choice 1 learn how to use Blackboard
Choice 2 make sure your course has been approved by Curriculum
Choice 3 meet with an instructional designer
Choice 4 start converting your course materials to digital format


Which desgin consideration is the LEAST important?
Choice 1 creating web pages that are accessible to students with disabilities
Choice 2 creating discussion topics that engage students in higher level thinking
Choice 3 having a clearly defined syllabus and lecture material
Choice 4 choosing a course management system


What tasks should be completed BEFORE the start of classes?
Choice 1 provide students a clear direction on how to access your course
Choice 2 provide information about on-campus exams or orientation
Choice 3 allow students to self-register
Choice 4 provide information on how to add the class


What online services does the college offer?
Choice 1 full-text publications from the Library
Choice 2 admissions and registration
Choice 3 online advising from the Counseling Department
Choice 4 online math and writing tutoring