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Salsa is Cabrillo's online director of Faculty, Staff, and Administrators. It's important to have updated, accurate information on your Salsa page so everyone (especially students) can find you.

Your Division probably setup a Salsa Account for you. Check the Directory to see if you have a page.

To setup a Salsa Account, email or call the TLCat 479-5030. Your username and password for your Salsa account should be the same as your Cabrillo email and network name and password.

To edit your directory page, go to or Cabrillo home -> Staff Resources -> Salsa. Log in using your user name and password.


Accessing WebAdvisor

Click "WebAdvisor" from Cabrillo's homepage.
Click the "Log In" tab. Your User ID usually will be your first and middle initials, and full last name.
Trouble? Click on "What's My User ID."
Your initial password is your birth date in "mmddyy" format. Enter a new password when prompted. Be sure to enter a hint for your new password!
Click on "Faculty" to see the options available to you, including Class Rosters. Be sure to log out when you are finished.


  • Ask your Division Office
  • Talk to A&R
  • Call the TLC 479-5030

Saving Files on the Campus Network

There are three large network storage drives called "M", "O", and "T". "M" is your personal network drive. (My stuff.) "O" is your department network drive. (Our stuff.) "T" is only for Temporary file transfer, not for long-term storage. (7-day temp) PC Users also map an additional drive, the "P" or "PUBLIC" drive, which will be specific to each division-office or department, and is specifically for the sharing of PUBLIC information across campus. Any files you may have which are NOT business critical should be copied locally to your hard drive and/or burned to CD or other Backup Media.

Test Scoring With Scantron

What Is Scantron? Scantron is the name given a test scoring machine that, connected to a computer, allows for computerized test scoring and test analysis. Students may purchase Scantron answer sheets at the bookstore and record responses to multiple choice answers on the test response sheet.

We recommend orange ParSCORE form F-3652 (full size orange sheet that allows up to 200 responses). Make an appointment with the Teaching & Learning Center (x5030) and we will help you set up your class roster on the computer and run your answer sheets. We will also help you print out test analysis reports such as student responses.

Manual test scoring can be done on an OLD (non-computer) Scantron with the 100 response form 882E.


What Is Datatel?

Datatel is the company name for Cabrillo's administrative software, called Colleague. There are many components to Datatel, including accounts payable, puchasing, human resources, and the student system. The Student System includes admissions information, registration, academic records, student billing and other technical information.

How Do I Access Information?

Faculty can access class roster information by going to WebAdvisosr. Follow the instructions on the WebAdvisor page for looking up your username and setting your password. You can then go to the faculty area and get rosters for all courses you teach the current term. It includes student names, ID#s, email addresses and phone numbers. NOTE: This information is confidential, so don't print out a roster and through it in the recycle bin. Shred all unused rosters. The emails are also considered confidential. If you must email your class, place all addresses in the BCC (blind CC field).

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