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Reference Library Book List
(updated: November 2007)

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College Majors

  1. College Majors & Careers
  2. Great Jobs for Accounting Majors
  3. Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors
  4. Great Jobs for Art Majors
  5. Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors
  6. Great Jobs for Communication Majors
  7. Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors
  8. Great Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors
  9. Great Jobs for Economics Majors
  10. Great Jobs for Engineering Majors
  11. Great Jobs for English Majors
  12. Great Jobs for Film Majors
  13. Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors
  14. Great Jobs for Geology Majors
  15. Great Jobs for History Majors
  16. Great Jobs for Liberal Art Majors
  17. Great Jobs for Mathematics Majors
  18. Great Jobs for Music Majors
  19. Great Jobs for Political Science
  20. Great Jobs for Psychology Majors
  21. Great Jobs for Theater Majors
  22. Majoring in Psych?
  23. What can you do with a Major in Education
  24. What can you do with a Major in Biology

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  1. A Student’s Guide to College Admissions
  2. Best Buys In College Education
  3. CAL STATE Admission Handbook 2001
  4. Campus Visits & College Interviews
  5. Choosing a College  The Student’s Step-by-Step Decision-Making Workbook
  6. Choosing the Right College
  7. Chronicle Four-Year College Databook
  8. Chronicle Two-Year College Databook
  9. Competitive Colleges 2005
  10. College Applications & Essays
  11. College Facts Chart 2000-2001
  12. College Handbook 2007
  13. College Majors Handbook
  14. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Davis
  15. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Irvine
  16. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Los Angeles
  17. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Santa Barbara
  18. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-San Diego
  19. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Santa Cruz
  20. COLLEGE PROWLER University of California-Riverside
  21. Colleges that Change Lives
  22. Fiske Guide to Colleges
  23. How to Get to the College of Your Choice (Western)
  24. How to Get to the College of Your Choice (Central)
  25. Independent Study-Counselor’s Resource Guide
  26. International Handbook of Universities
  27. Internet Guide for College-Bound Students
  28. Ivy League Programs at State School Prices
  29. Nothing Can Stop Me: An Open Book on Transfer Application Essays
  30. Orientation to College
  31. Peterson's Directory of College Accomodations
  32. Ruggs Recommendations on the Colleges
  33. Scaling The Ivy Wall in the ‘90s
  34. The Best Mid-Atlantic Colleges
  35. The Best Midwestern Colleges
  36. The Best Northeastern Colleges
  37. The Best Southeastern Colleges
  38. The CollegeBoard Book of Majors
  39. The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges 2008
  40. The Johnston Handbook: Getting In & Getting Out
  41. The Nannini Guide: Navigating Your Way to Successful Transfer to the UC
  42. The Public Ivies
  43. Two-Year Colleges 2005
  44. Ultimate College Guide 2007
  45. Your College Experience

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Careers Working With Animals

  1. Careers for Animal Lovers & other Zoological Types
  2. Career Success With Pets
  3. Careers with Animals
  4. Equine School & College Directory 2003
  5. Opportunities in Veterinary Medicine
  6. Working with Wildlife

Careers in the Arts

  1. All You Need To Know About College Dance in North America
  2. Becoming a Graphic Designer
  3. Breaking into Film
  4. Careers for Color Connoisseurs & Other Visual Types
  5. Careers for Crafty people
  6. Careers for Film Buffs & other Hollywood types
  7. Careers for Music Lovers
  8. Careers for Shutterbugs & other Candid Types
  9. Careers in Focus: Design
  10. Career Opportunities in Photography
  11. Career Opportunities in Theater & the Performing Arts
  12. Creative Careers
  13. Creative Careers in Music
  14. Extraordinary Jobs in Entertainment
  15. How to be a Successful Cartoonist
  16. How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist
  17. Opportunities in Acting Careers
  18. Opportunities in Animation and Cartooning Careers
  19. Opportunities in Interior Design & Decorating
  20. Opportunities in Museum Careers
  21. Opportunities in Photography Careers
  22. Opportunities in Visual Arts Careers
  23. Photojournalism: A Freelancer’s Guide
  24. Profiles in Photography
  25. The Fine Artist’s Career Guide
  26. Working in the Music Industry
  27. Writing Great Screenplays for film & TV

Careers in Business

  1. Accountant/Auditor Test Preparation
  2. Americans Top Office Management & Sales Jobs
  3. Careers for Financial Mavens & Other Money Movers
  4. Careers in Business
  5. Careers in International Business
  6. Careers in Logistics
  7. Careers in Marketing
  8. Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance & Insurance
  9. Clerical Exams
  10. Opportunities in Human Resource Management Careers
  11. Opportunities in Real Estate Careers
  12. People who Love to Sell Things
  13. Real Estate License Examinations

Careers in Business Ownership

  1. Adams Businesses You Can Start
  2. Be Your own Business!
  3. How to become a Successful Consultant
  4. How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant
  5. Inc. Yourself
  6. The Business Owner Basic Tool kit For Success
  7. The work at Home Sourcebook

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Careers in Communication/Languages

  1. Breaking into Communication
  2. Careers for Bookworms & Other Literary Types
  3. Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados
  4. Careers in Communications
  5. Journalism Career & Scholarships Guide 1988
  6. Multimedia
  7. 100 Jobs in Words
  8. Opportunities in Fund Raising Careers
  9. Opportunities in Library & Information Science Careers
  10. Opportunities Public Relations Careers
  11. Opportunities in Technical Writing Careers
  12. Opportunities in Writing Careers
  13. The Harvard Guide to Careers in Mass Media

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Careers in Computers

  1. Careers for Computer Buffs & Other Technological Types
  2. Careers for Cybersurfers & Other online Types
  3. Careers in Computer Graphics
  4. Careers in Focus Computers
  5. Careers in Focus Computer & Video Game Design
  6. Careers in High Tech
  7. Career Opportunities in Computers & Cyberspace
  8. Computer Technician
  9. Cool - Webmaster
  10. E-Careers
  11. Exploring a Career as a Computer Technician
  12. Internet Jobs for the Rest of Us
  13. Webmaster Career Starter

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Careers in the Culinary Arts/Food

  1. Careers for Gourmets & other Who Relish Food
  2. Culinary Schools
  3. Extraordinary Jobs in the Food Industry
  4. Opportunities in Food Service Careers

Careers in the Environment/Outdoors

  1. Careers for Enbironmental Types and Others Who Respect the Earth
  2. Careers for Plant Lovers & Other Green Thumb Types
  3. Careers in Horticulture & Botany
  4. Complete Guide to Seasonal State Park Employment
  5. Environment Careers Directory
  6. Environmental Jobs for Scientists
  7. Extraordinary Jobs in Agriculture and Nature
  8. Green at Work
  9. 100 Jobs in the Environment
  10. Opportunities in Biological Science Careers
  11. Opportunities in Environmental Careers
  12. Opportunities in Forestry Careers
  13. Opportunities in Landscaping Architecture
  14. Opportunities in Waste Management Careers
  15. Sunshine Jobs
  16. The New Complete Guide to Environmental Career

Careers in Health

  1. A Career Path to Perioperative Nursing
  2. Alternative Health Care
  3. Careers in Focus Alternative Health Care
  4. Careers in Focus Geriatric Care
  5. Careers in Focus: Medical Technicians
  6. Careers in Focus Nursing
  7. Careers in Focus Physicians 2nd edition
  8. Career Opportunities in Toxicology
  9. Geriatric Care
  10. Health Careers (Binder)
  11. Health Care Careers
  12. Health Care Job Explosion
  13. Health Professions 2005-2006
  14. Massage
  15. Medical Technologist & Technicians Career Directory
  16. Nursing Programs
  17. Opportunities in Allied Health Careers
  18. Opportunities in Holistic Health Careers
  19. Opportunities in Hospital Administration Careers
  20. Opportunities in Medical Imaging Careers
  21. Opportunities in Medical Sales Careers
  22. Opportunities in Medical Technology Careers
  23. Opportunities in Nutrition Careers
  24. Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Careers
  25. Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers
  26. Opportunities in Physician Careers
  27. Opportunities in Physician Assistant Careers
  28. Opportunities in Speech-Language Pathology Careers
  29. Opportunities in Therapy Careers
  30. Pharmacist
  31. Physician Assistant Careers
  32. Physician Assistant Programs Directory
  33. Planning Your Career in Alternative Medicine

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Careers in Government and Public Service

  1. Careers in Focus: Government
  2. Civil Service Career Starter
  3. Civil Services handbook 14 edition
  4. Court Office Exam
  5. Emergency Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam 2nd Edition
  6. FBI Career
  7. Fire Fighters
  8. Government Job Finder
  9. Guide to Landing A Career In Law Enforcement
  10. Guide to Law Enforcement Careers
  11. Law Enforcement Exam
  12. Law School Admission Council 2005-2006 Directory
  13. Manual de la Administracion Publica (Spanish)
  14. Military Career
  15. Opportunities in Fire Protection Services
  16. Opportunities in Paralegal Career
  17. Paralegal Career Guide
  18. Police officer
  19. Postal Clerk & Career 23rd Edition
  20. Postal Exams 5th Edition
  21. Private Eyes
  22. Probation Officer/Parole Officer Exam
  23. Public Administration Career Services Director
  24. So, You want to Join the Peace Corps
  25. Special Agent/Deputy U.S. Marshall Exam Prep
  26. State Trooper Exam
  27. 24 Hours to the Civil Services Service Exam

Careers in Social Service/Counseling

  1. A Guide to a Career in Community Development
  2. Alternatives to the Peace Corps
  3. Careers for Caring People and Other Sensitive Types
  4. Careers for Good Samartians and Other Humanitarian Types
  5. Careers in Focus: Child Care
  6. Careers in Focus: Social Work
  7. Careers in Social and Rehabilitative Services
  8. Career Paths in Psychology
  9. Case Workers Exam 12th Edition
  10. Opportunities in Child Care Careers
  11. Opportunities in Counseling & Development Careers
  12. Opportunities in Gerontology & Aging Services Careers
  13. Opportunities in Religious Services Careers
  14. 100 Best Nonprofits to work for 2nd Edition
  15. 100 Jobs in Social Change
  16. The Many Faces of Social Work Clients
  17. The Many Faces of Social Workers
  18. The Nonprofit Sector

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Careers in the Science/Technical Field

  1. Biotechnology and Food
  2. Building a Winning Career in Architecture
  3. Building a Winning Career in Engineering
  4. Career Opportunities in the Aviation & The Aerospace Industry
  5. Career Opportunities in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  6. Career Opportunities in Engineering
  7. Careers for Geniouses and other Gifted Types
  8. Careers for Number Crunchers and Other Quantitative Types
  9. Careers in Focus Engineering
  10. Exploring Tech Careers
  11. High Tech Career for Low–Tech People
  12. Is there an Engineer Inside You?
  13. 100 Jobs in Technology
  14. Opportunities in Aerospace Career
  15. Opportunities Architecture Career
  16. Opportunities In Clinical Laboratory Science Career
  17. Opportunities in Forensic Science Career
  18. Opportunities in Laser Technology
  19. Opportunities in Marine Science & Maritime Career
  20. Opportunities in Science Technology Careers
  21. Renaissance Women in Science
  22. The Sciences Research & Medicine
  23. The Space Publication Guide to Space Careers

Careers in Skilled Trades/Miscellaneous

  1. Career in Focus: Fashion
  2. Career for Car Buffs & Other Freewheeling Types
  3. Career Opportunities in the Automotive Industry
  4. Opportunities in Automotive Services Careers
  5. Opportunities in Beauty Culture Careers
  6. Opportunities in Building Construction Trades
  7. Opportunities in Carpentry Careers
  8. Opportunities in Electrical Trades
  9. Opportunities in Modeling Careers

Careers in Sports

  1. Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry
  2. Careers for Competitive Spirits & Other Peak Performers
  3. Extraordinary Jobs for Adventurers
  4. Extraordinary Jobs in Sports
  5. Opportunities in Fitness Careers
  6. Opportunities in Recreation & Leisure Careers

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Careers in International/Travel

  1. American Foreign Services Office Exam
  2. Careers in Transportation (1Binder)
  3. Careers in Travel Tourism & Hospitality
  4. Careers Without College Travel
  5. Flight Job Finder & Career Guide
  6. How to get a job with a Cruise Line
  7. International Internships & Volunteer Programs
  8. Opportunities in Airline Careers
  9. Opportunities in Hotel & Motel Careers
  10. Opportunities in Overseas Careers
  11. The Global Citizen
  12. Vacation Work's International Directory of Voluntary Work
  13. Vacation Work's Overseas Summer jobs
  14. Work Worldwide
  15. Work Your Way Around the World

Careers in Teaching

  1. A History of the California Federation of Teachers 1919-1989
  2. Careers in Education
  3. Careers in Focus Education 2nd Edition
  4. How to Teach Abroad
  5. Opportunities in Adult Education Careers
  6. Teaching English Abroad
  7. What Can You Do With A Major in Education?

 Job Search

  1. 100 Fastest-Growing Careers
  2. 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions
  3. Amazing Resumes
  4. America’s Top Internet Job Sites
  5. America's Top White Collar Jobs
  6. Be Hunted!
  7. Best Resumes & Letters for Ex-Offenders
  8. Building Your Career: A Guide to Your Future
  9. Business Etiquette
  10. Career Development: A 21st Century Job Search Handbook
  11. Career Guide to America's Top Industries
  12. Career Planning: Career Portfolios
  13. College Majors and Careers
  14. Communicating in the Work Place
  15. Competency-Based Interviews
  16. Cover Letter Almanac
  17. e-Resumes
  18. Expert Resumes for Career Changers
  19. Expert Resumes for Military-to-Civilian Transitions
  20. Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work
  21. Get a Better Job-The Lazy Way
  22. Guide to Internet Job Searching 2006-2007 Edition
  23. Head Hunters REVEALED!
  24. HIRED! The Job-Hunting/Career-Planning Guide
  25. How to Get Interviews from Classified Job Ads
  26. Job Hunter’s Yellow Pages
  27. Job Interviewing for College Students
  28. Job Interview Tips for People with Not-so-Hot Backgrounds
  29. Job Search: Career Planning Guide
  30. Jobs Related Almanac
  31. Knock 'Em Dead: Job Search
  32. La Busqueda Rapida de Trabajo
  33. Large Employers in Albuquerque 2002
  34. Losing Your Job-Reclaiming Your Soul
  35. Making Career Decisions that Count
  36. MASTERING [& Succeeding with] THE JOB HUNT
  37. National Business Employment Weekly-Interviewing
  38. National Business Employment Weekly-Networking
  39. No-Nonsense Cover Letters
  40. Online Recruiting
  41. Overcoming Barriers to Employment
  42. Professionalism: Real Skills for Workspace Success
  43. Resumes for Computer Careers
  44. Resumes for Education Careers
  45. Resumes for First-Time Job Hunters
  46. STRATEGIES-Getting & Keeping the Job You Want
  47. SWEATY PALMS-The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed
  48. The 101 Toughest Interview Questions…& Answers that Win the Job!
  49. The Almanac of American Employers 2002-2003
  50. The Almanac of American Employers 2005
  51. The Complete Book of Resumes
  52. The Job Search Handbook
  53. The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need
  54. The Quick Job Search
  55. Winning Letters that Overcome Barriers to Employment  

Specific Groups (Age, Gender, Disability, Ethnicity)

  1. Americans Top Jobs For People Re-Entering the Workforce
  2. Back To School - A College Guide For Adults
  3. Best Careers for Bilingual Latinos
  4. Careers for Introverts and Other Solitary Types
  5. Careers for Talkative Types and Others with the Gift of Gab
  6. Computer & Web Resources for People with Disabilities
  7. Cool Jobs for Teens
  8. Cracking the Over 50 Job Marker
  9. I’d Rather Be Working
  10. Job-Hunting Tips for the So called Handicapped
  11. Job Search Handbook for people With Disabilities
  12. Reinventing Yourself
  13. Resources for People with Disabilities Vol.1
  14. Resources for People with Disabilities Vol.2
  15. Successful Job Search Strategies for the Disabled
  16. The Colorblind Career
  17. The K&W Guide to College for Students with Learning Disabilities
  18. The Mom Economy
  19. Working While Black
  20. Yes You Can

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  1. but what if I don’t want to go to college?
  2. Career By Design-Communicating Your Way to Success 3rd Edition
  3. Career Development & Planning-A Comprehensive Approach
  4. Career Planning Strategies
  5. Coming Alive from Nine to Five
  6. Cornerstone-Building on Your Best
  7. Effective Networking
  8. Gpa Years for Grown Ups
  9. Hand Me Down Dreams
  10. I Could do Anything-If I Only Knew What it Was
  11. I Never Knew I Had a Choice
  12. Keys to Career Success
  13. Managing Career Transitions
  14. Peak Performance
  15. The Career Fitness Program-Exercising Your Options
  16. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2008
  17. Your Attitude is Showing
  18. Your Career: How to Make it Happen
  19. Your Career Planner  

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  1. Chronicle Financial Aid Guide 2006-2007
  2. College Cost & Financial Aid Handbook 2005
  3. College Money Handbook
  4. El Libro de Respuestas para la ayuda Financiera
  5. Music, Dance & Theater Scholarships-A Complete Guide
  6. Scholarships for African-American Students
  7. Scholarships for Asian-American Students
  8. Scholarships for Hispanic Students
  9. Scholarships for Study in the USA & Canada
  10. Scholarship Handbook 2005
  11. The Black Student’s Guide to Scholarships

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  1. Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Internships & Summer Jobs
  2. Getting Your Ideal Internship
  3. Internships 2004
  4. Internships-Accounting, Banking, Brokerage, Finance & Insurance
  5. Internships for Dummies
  6. Internships-Newspaper, Magazine, & Book Publishing
  7. Internships-Radio & Television Broadcasting & Production
  8. Internships-Travel & Hospitality Industries
  9. Internship Success
  10. The Big Green Internship Book-Internships & Summer Jobs for the Environment
  11. The Media Internship Book
  12. Vault Guide to Top Internships

Distance Education/Study Abroad

  1. It’s Your World-Student’s Guide to Education Abroad
  2. Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning Programs 2005
  3. Peterson's Study Abroad 2007
  4. The College Blue Book-Distance Learning Program

Diverse Populations

  1. 1995-1996 Florida Guide to Programs for Individual Artists
  2. 1996-1997 Guide to Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  3. America’s Black & Tribal Colleges
  4. Black Excel African American Student’s College Guide
  5. Choose a Christian College
  6. CLEOEDGE A New Era of Leadership at the American Bar Association
  7. Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder
  8. Cool Colleges
  9. Dream Catchers
  10. Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  11. Increasing Student’s Options for a Four-Year Degree
  12. Jewish U
  13. Out & In - Info for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Law School Applicants
  14. Take-A-Closer-Look-At Student Retention
  15. The Complete Book of Catholic Colleges 1998 Edition
  16. The International Student Handbook of U.S. Colleges 1998
  17. The Latino Advantage in the Workplace
  18. The Latino Student's Guide to College Success
  19. The Multicultural Student’s Guide to Colleges
  20. Women’s Colleges

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  1. Master the Miller Analogies Test 2003
  2. SAT Success 2003

Training Programs

  1. 250 Best Jobs Through Apprenticeships
  2. Chronicle Career College and Technical School Databook 2007-2008
  3. National Trade and Professional Associations
  4. Occupational Outlook & Training Directory 2002-2003
  5. Occupational Programs in California Community Colleges 2001-2002
  6. San Benito County Occupational Outlook 1997
  7. Santa Cruz County Occupational Outlook 1997-1999

General Reference

  1. Careers for Aquatic Types & Others who Want to Make Splash
  2. Careers for Class Clowns & other Engaging Types
  3. Careers for History Buffs & Other who Learn from the Past
  4. Careers for Kids at Heart & other who Adore Children
  5. Careers for Night Owls & other Insomniacs
  6. Careers for New Agers & Other Cosmic Types
  7. Careers for Non Conformists
  8. Careers for Perfectionists & other Meticulous Types
  9. Careers for Puzzle Solvers and Other Methodical Thinkers
  10. Careers for Scholars & other Types
  11. Career Opportunities in Art Museums, Zoos, & other Interesting Places
  12. GIG Americans Talk about their Jobs
  13. La Busqueda Rapida de Trabajo (4 copies)
  14. Off Beat Careers
  15. 150 Great Tech Prep Careers
  16. Short Term Job Adventures. Internships, Summer Jobs, Seasonal Work, Volunteer Vacations, and Transitions Abroad
  17. Summer Jobs in the USA
  18. Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook
  19. Occupational Outlook Handbook 2006-2007

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