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31-day Metro Pass Program*

Available at the Aptos Campus Only

Fill out the service request form at either the Student Affairs desk in SAC East OR Admissions & Records.

Take the approved service request form to the College Bank (located across from Admissions & Records Building 100) to pay for and receive the 31-day metro pass.

Cash Only ! NO checks, credit cards or debit cards will be accepted.


College Bank Hours

Mon - Thu:  9 am - 3:30 pm

Fri:  9 am - Noon

Current 31-Day Metro Pass 

Effective 9/15/2011

Less 20% Discount 
Cost to eligibile students






  To be eligible for the 31-day Metro pass, Cabrillo students must:

  • Be registered in 6.0 units for the current semester and possess a current Student Activity Card. (Students taking fewer than 6 units may buy a Metro pass at the Metro kiosk located in front of the student employment office in the SAC West building.)
  • A current Student Activity Card




The 31-day Metro pass will be automatically activated for 31 days from the first-use date.

  • NO refunds or returns
  • Lost or stolen metro passes will NOT be replaced
  • The 31-day Metro pass is valid every day Santa Cruz Metro operates
  • Unlimited usage (no express buses)
  • Limited to one purchase per month

* This program, sponsored by the ASCC Student Senate, is available at the Aptos campus only.  Price to students will be adjusted with Metro price change. For more Bus Pass Information, Contact Santa Cruz Metro Transit District