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Cake Decorating CAHM 149

Text Book: The Wilton School , Decorating Cakes


CAHM 149 Supplies needed (list of stores): pearl cake


Basic Baking and Pastry CAHM 155

TEXT: Professional Baking, Wayne Gisslen, 7TH edition

View or download Powerpoint presentations on key topics here:


#1 Rich Doughs

#2 Danish and Croissants

#3 Puff Pastry

#4 Quick Breads

#5 Cookies

#6 Baking Cakes


list of stores

You will not be able to participate in the lab until you come properly attired. Bring your own container to take baked products home in. If you take containers from food services you will be required to pay for them at the time you take them.


Chocolate CAHM 159

chocolate boxNo Textbook


list of stores


The Art of Wedding Cake Design CAHM 171 bee cake

Textbook: Wedding Cake Art and Design by Toba Garrett



shell cake

Optional Supplies:

list of stores











  CAHM 156AC Artisan Confections


Optional Textbook: Chocolates & Confections, by Peter P. Greweling, CMB

cahm156 AC equipment list

list of stores



  CAHM 168 Advanced Baking and Pastrygroup photo

TEXT: Professional Baking, Wayne Gisslen, 7th edition

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