Audrey Blumeneau, M.Ed.

Instructor and TLC Co-Coordinator at Cabrillo College

Spring 2019!

The schedules for Spring 2019 are out and I will be teaching a couple of online classes that include:

What's the difference?

These courses sound very similar but are taught very differently.

What do we do in these classes?

Well, the short and possibly obvious answer is (wait for it…):

We will create Web pages! Ha! Surprise! :)

Okay, well, besides learning how to create web pages, the CABT161 will provide you with some basic knowledge and comprehension of how a website is created using HTML and CSS. By the end of the class you will have learned how to write enough to create web pages that contain content, images and links to other web pages so that you have a website! It will look nice because you will also learn what and how to write for the presentation of your content (adding colors, for example). Lastly, but importantly, you will be able to upload (FTP) to a server so that your webpages are live on the Web!

For the DM70 class, we will be using an industry standard web authoring tool called Adobe Dreamweaver. This tool / application, is extremely robust and can accelerate the coding process plus provide framworks (such as bootstrap) and JavaScipt to provide enhanced interactivity within your webpage. Learning how to use Dreamweaver can be a huge asset in your repotoire of tools for Web design. That being said, you do need to have a foundation of coding HTML and CSS in order to reap the benefits and powers of Dreamweaver (but we will review the basics)!

Got Questions?

As I am the the co-coordinator for the Cabrillo Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and Distance Education, I am on-campus at least a couple of times a week all day long. You can find me in Room 1095B of the TLC (behind the Library and behind Room 1097)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Please Note that THE BEST way to contact me is via EMAIL (

Audrey Blumeneau, Cabrillo College instructor & TLC / Distance Education Co-coordinator