Audrey Blumeneau, M.Ed.

TLC Co-Coordinator & Instructor at Cabrillo College

Using Dropbox!

Create a Free Dropbox Account!
You can watch a video on the site to learn more.

What is Dropbox?

Have you heard of the Cloud? Well, dropbox is an application that makes use of the “Cloud”! It is a place where you can store your files and download them later when you need them. You can set up an account on your computer and access your account from any other computer any where in the world!

Say you forgot your Flash Drive to save your files from a class - you could email those files to yourself, which is not a bad idea, but you can also upload those files to dropbox by dragging and dropping into Dropbox. Once you are at home, you can log on and download your files. When you have finished your assignment, upload a copy back to Dropbox and you can come back to school and download that file onto a computer at school!

In many ways, this frees you from the fear of forgetting or worse, losing your Flash Drive!

Give it a try and see how you like it!

Once you have an account, you simply log in from the upper-right hand corner. See picture below:

Logging into Dropbox

Once you log in, you will create folder and upload your files. Here is what my file organization looks like:

Inside Dropbox

To download a folder or file, mouse over the folder and then you will see an arrow with a drop down menu:

downloading from dropbox


-- Audrey Blumeneau, Cabrillo College instructor