I am a biologist, avid reader, choral singer, knitter, and general zookeeper.  Oh, and I've been a beekeeper since 2010.  I am fascinated by living things, especially those that are not like people.  In fact, the weirder the better!

My research interests center on temperate marine invertebrates, especially life cycles and larval development.  I am an Associate Research Biologist at Long Marine Lab, where I get to keep my hands wet and mentor student research projects.

Name: Allison J. Gong

Birthday: 15 November

Courses I teach at Cabrillo:

    Biology 1B - Zoology and evolution

    Biology 11A - General biology

    Biology 11B - Marine biology (lab only)


    B.S., Biological Sciences - UC Davis

    M.A., Biology - UC Santa Cruz

    Ph.D., Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Favorite quotes:

    The animal is always right.

        -- A. T. Newberry

    Never for money, always for love.

        -- David Byrne

My favorite links:

    Beekeeping blog

    Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab

    Radio Lab

    Santa Cruz Chorale

Welcome to my web page!

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