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Aud Kennedy

Laboratory Instruction Assistant II

Faculty photo
Aud with an early version of Rad Man.


What's in the Aud's & Ends Tip Book?

Use this instructional resource if you need a quick Dentrix refresher. This would include processing phosphor plates, organizing your retakes, taking a pano, how to schedule a patient, and a lot of information about dental & perio charting in Dentrix. In it's content is also helpful reminders on equipment use.


2011 Clinic Manual

This is the same manual you bought as an incoming student, only the current edition with hyperlinks to the page you might need.


2012-13 Front Office Manual

This a great resource if you have any questions about how to answer the phone, doubts about what form you need to use when, clinic hours and fees.


Medline Plus Drug & Supplement Reference Guide

This isn't the Lippincott Version that you are use to in the DH Clinic, but it is a great online reference that you can use from home.

Local Anesthesia Reference

This reference is the exact reference you received in your local anesthesia class. I put this in so that if you need to review about a particular injection for clinic tomorrow, you can just click right here.


Redi-Reference Photos

Check out these photos to familiarize yourself as to what is available on the computer desktop at your operatory for patient education.


About ScanX

Click on this site to review the use of the ScanX processor. It is a nice demo video. You might need to download the video player.


About Digital Doc Iris Intraoral Camera

Click on this site to review the use of the Digital Doc Intraoral Camera. The "IRIS" video demonstates the best camera positions, how to keep the camera still, what settings to use for what shot you want to take. I found it a good overview prior to using the camera the first time.


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