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CHAC: Cabrillo Hispanic Affairs Council


Nuestra misión / Mission Statement


Cabrillo Hispanic Affairs Council (CHAC)
Mission Statement

Established in1981, the Cabrillo Hispanic Affairs Council (CHAC) remains committed to:

      1. Bringing more Latino/a and other underrepresented students to Cabrillo and increasing their retention and success college-wide.
      2. Providing Latino/a input and leadership in the development of college policies, processes, and programs.
      3. Strengthening the community of faculty, staff, students, and others committed to the success of Latino/a and other underrepresented students.
      4. Developing mechanisms to articulate the needs and concerns of Latino/as and other underrepresented groups throughout the college community.
      5. Serving as a liaison to the Latino/a community in addressing its educational needs.



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