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Brad Krein

Math Instructor


Photo of me and my dad

Courses Taught:

Spring 2020:

Math 5B (section 2)

Math 5C (section 1)

Math 6 (section 2)

Math 12 (section 15)


Textbook for Math 12 (PDF)


Separate Chapters:


For additional textbook info visit the bookstore online.

Future Me

Office 711F

Office hours:

MW 7:30-8, 10:45-11:50(in 834, STEM center)


TTh7:30-8, 10:35-11:05




If you are interested in adding my class for the upcoming semester, you need to get on the waitlist if the class is full. I will add students once the course begins first taking students from the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist check your e-mail regularly. As spots open up the college will contact you to add, but you only have a short time to add or you will be removed from the wait list.








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