Academic Membership 2004-2005


Under the division restructure, the Academic Council will have 18 voting members. in the 04-05 Academic Year:

ChairóBrad Krein, NAS

VP, InstructionóClaire Biancalana

Director, Admissions and Records--Gloria Garing

Articulation OfficeróMary Ellen Sullivan

2 Reps each from each of the 5 Divisions plus 2 from Counseling plus 2 students

BELA: David Sheftman, Ekua Omosupe
COUNSELING: Jay Jackson, Val Nelson (Fall), Marcie Wald (Spring)
HASS: Jennifer Lee, Kathy Niven
HWPEA: Bob Diller, Alice Rink
NAS: Joseph Krause, Brian McMahon
VAPA: Jon Nordgren, Maggie Rincovsky
2 Students: Nicole Moreno (Fall), Catur Holcombe